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The biggest challenges for robots for the future

According to a study presented by an international panel of experts and published in the journal Science Robotics, there are several (and great) challenges in the application of robotics in society.


Apart from all the areas of application of robotics, which are many, the research places special emphasis on social robotics and robotics associated with medicine as specific areas of development in order to highlight the substantial impacts, both on health as in society, it will bring the overcoming of these great challenges or challenges.


Finally, one of the challenges is related to responsible innovation and how ethics and safety must be carefully considered as we develop the technology.


The study picks up large, yet unsolved obstacles in robotics. These pressing challenges were collected during an open online survey and restricted by a panel of experts, led by Guang-Zhong Yang, director of the Hamlyn Center for Robotic Surgery at Imperial College London (UK).

Four of the challenges are related to developing technology that will reshape the future of robotics, going beyond gears and motors. These include the creation of new materials and manufacturing methods; using brain-computer interfaces to enhance human capabilities; development of low-cost but long-lasting batteries and energy harvesting schemes; and using nature for inspiration, either translating biological principles into engineering design or integrating living components into robotic structures.

Let’s look at all the challenges robots face.



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