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The campaign that raised Chevrolet sales by 145% wins the 2020 Grand Effie

Identifying that, in some sectors of the population, the purchase of cars is influenced by neighbors or close people led Chevrolet and McCann to obtain the Great Effie.

The ‘Invisible influencers’ campaign, based on consumer hypersegmentation, data analysis and experiential marketing, increased the automotive brand’s sales by 143% compared to the month prior to its launch, making it a success story worthy of the highest award of the advertising contest Effie Awards Mexico 2020.

“This campaign translates into actions the efficiency that we have to see in our operation,” added Silvia Dávila, regional president of Danone EDP Latam and president of the Effie México 2020 jury. “There is a lot of information, the magic is in translating it into relevant insights and execute it brilliantly and efficiently. “

With ‘Invisible Influencers’, the McCann team led by Luis Machorro found that the purchase of a car increases the purchase intention of your neighbors by 80%, this thanks to the analysis of demographic data and the identification of the affinity of consumers.

The creative work that this advertising agency has done for Chevrolet has also been awarded in competitions such as the IAB Mixx 2020, where it obtained the recognition of the ‘Agency of the Year’, while the automotive brand managed to position itself as the ‘Advertiser of the Year’ .

In addition, in the Golden Circle last year, they became the creative firm and the brand with the most gold metals of the event, with 11 awards of this type. In 2019, McCann was one of the Expansion Transformative Agencies.

On the third and last day of the Effie Awards Mexico, (anonymous) won the ‘Agency of the Year’ award. The creative firm led by Raúl Cardós, which obtained six metals in the advertising contest, was also part of the list of the Expansion Transformation Agencies in 2019.

The recognition of the ‘Advertiser of the year’ went to Grupo Modelo. “It is an honor to receive this award, more in a year like 2020 with such difficulty, but in which the team managed to put the consumer ahead with the help of creativity and data,” said Fabio Baracho, vice president of marketing for the beverage company. alcoholics who also won six awards.

In addition to the special awards, on the third day of the event by the Alliance for the Strategic Value of Brands (AVE), 16 metals were awarded in six different categories: two gold, five silver and nine bronze.

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