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The cost of LP gas drops 2%, at the federal level

There is a breather for user wallets. According to the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), the cost of LP gas, during the week of February 20 to 26, will be 23.38 pesos, or 2% less than what it cost the previous week.

In CDMX, the maximum price was established at 22.58 pesos per kilo, so it will be 3.6% cheaper than the previous week. After adding five weeks of increases, the price of fuel had a decrease.

This means that a 20-kilo cylinder will cost 451 pesos, about 18 pesos less, while stationary gas will cost 12.19 pesos per liter.

According to the information published by the regulatory body, the price of LP gas will decrease in 29 entities in the country, among the States with the greatest decrease are the State of Mexico with 2.8%, Tlaxcala and Tabasco with 2.7%, Campeche, Chiapas, Morelos and Guerrero with 2.6%.

According to the CRE, the regulation of maximum prices for LP gas is aimed at protecting end users, promoting an efficient supply of LP gas at affordable prices, avoiding undue discrimination, reflecting gas market conditions in prices LP and fuel demand, as well as obtaining a margin that allows the recovery of costs from LP Gas marketers, distributors and dispensers for the development of the industry.

In this sense, each region has a maximum price applicable to the sale of LP gas to the end user and its differentiation is based on the sales costs associated with each region.

The determination of maximum prices takes into account parameters of efficiency and costs of each type of plant, profitability of distribution, cost of taxes, technological efficiency and characteristics of each region, among other criteria.

The oil market regulator has a new president

The National Hydrocarbons Commission did not have a sufficient quorum, so the appointment was made from the presidency; however, the new incumbent has little experience in the oil sector.

LAST MINUTE: Rogelio Hernández, president of the National Hydrocarbons Commission, resigns from his position

The Ministry of the Interior reported that it has begun to look for a new head of the energy sector regulator.

AMLO's promise was fulfilled: the price of LP gas remained below inflation

Analysts are far from qualifying the measure as successful and assure that it is a short-term policy. But for now, it has kept prices below the inflationary level.

Mexico's proven hydrocarbon reserves rise slightly

The data brings together the reserves of the state oil company Pemex, the largest operator in the sector in Mexico, and those of other companies that have entered the market after the 2013 energy reform.

The energy market regulators will not disappear if the electricity reform is approved

The initial initiative eliminated the figure of regulatory bodies in energy matters and with it the CRE and the CNH would lose their independence. But the proposal no longer appears in the new opinion.