FunThe disadvantages of using low cost gasoline that harm...

The disadvantages of using low cost gasoline that harm your car

As consumers we have to face the constant rise of some consumer products that are more than necessary. This is the case, for example, of electricity or also gasoline, but in this case many people’s solution may be to choose the one that costs less, which could be a mistake in the long run. Let’s see below, what are the disadvantages of using low cost gasoline that harm your car.

The disadvantages of using low cost gasoline that harm your car

Although the rise in gasoline is sometimes a few cents , this can translate into a high cost if we take into account the tank in which we refuel, as well as the number of liters with which we fill the car’s tank. That is why it is important to know where to refuel and even more so if we have to take the car daily.

In this way, if we know how to choose well it is possible that we can even save up to 5 euros in gasoline, but on the other hand there is the question of low cost gasoline on which the doubt always arises whether or not it is harmful to our car. But the truth is that it does not have to be bad for our vehicle. In fact, like any other fuel that we find in gas stations or service stations in our country, gasoline considered low cost is regulated by the Hydrocarbons Law and is managed by the same company, CLH, as the rest of gasoline. Therefore, any fuel found in the different gas stations in Spanish territory is of the same quality.

The only difference will have to do with the way in which companies and gas station brands present their product. That is, the gasoline belonging to companies that are more expensive will have additives that in any case what they are going to do is improve the performance of the engine, while the cheapest offers simple fuel.

Another difference is that gas stations that sell “low cost” gasoline, like the one we usually find in supermarkets, usually have a limited service compared to other conventional gas stations. That is, they are self-service or have no staff, which makes it easier for them to offer gasoline at a lower price.

What about modified fuels?

In the case of low cost gasoline we have to make a third difference since it has nothing to do with the so-called modified fuels since these can be quite harmful to our car . They are not legal, since they do not meet the minimum quality requirements, so not only can they not be sold but they cannot be distributed so we must avoid them at all costs.

What are the types of fuel?

Finally, we have to talk about the types of fuel that we can find to refuel our car, although you will surely already know that we can find gasoline with various names such as 95 or 98 gasoline or E85 gasoline but that also have different prices. However, in this case we cannot choose the one that is cheaper but the one that our car’s engine requires. In that sense, for example, for a car it is better to choose 95 gasoline, while a sports car will do better with 98.

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