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The film releases of the week

Created: 08/29/2022 Updated: 8/30/2022 1:37 am

Over & Out
Petra Schmidt-Schaller (lr), Julia Becker and Jessica Schwarz at the premiere of “Over & Out” in Hamburg. © Axel Heimken/dpa

Julia Becker sends her heroines on an emotional rollercoaster, Doris Dörrie takes them to the women’s pool and Isabelle Huppert drifts through make-believe worlds.

Berlin – Nora Tschirner, Jessica Schwarz, Andrea Sawatzki, Nilam Farooq and Isabelle Huppert – women in particular are the focus of the new cinema films. And Lars Eidinger also plays a role.

Tragedy comedy “Over & Out”: Road trip with a dead woman

When they were twelve years old, the friends Lea (Jessica Schwarz), Maja (Nora Tschirner), Steffi (Julia Becker) and Toni (Petra Schmidt-Schaller) swore to celebrate all their weddings together. 26 years later, Maja invites her friends to her wedding in Italy via video message.

Once there, the three friends, who lead completely different lives and hardly have anything to say to each other, are in for a nasty surprise: Maja didn’t invite them to her wedding, but to her funeral! In order to fulfill their friend’s last wish, the three pull themselves together and finally face the uncomfortable truths in their lives. Directed by Julia Becker (“Maybe, Baby!”), who also wrote the screenplay.

Over & Out, Germany 2022, 109 min., FSK from 12, by Julia Becker, with Jessica Schwarz, Nora Tschirner, Petra Schmidt-Schaller

Doris Dörrie’s summer comedy: among women in the “open-air pool”

The temperatures are high, the mood is relaxed. Best conditions for the pool or the beach. But under the sluggish summer mood there is a lot of potential for conflict, as Doris Dörrie makes clear in her new comedy “Freibad”. Her bathroom is only for women, who should enjoy their visit here without the annoying looks of men.

Doris Dörrie
The new film by Doris Dörrie is set in a women’s outdoor pool. © Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa

At first glance, this works well. But while lounging comfortably under the parasol, it’s wonderful to gossip. And so a lot of big and small dramas happen around the edge of the pool. The argument picks up steam when a group of women wearing black veils enters the bathroom. Dörrie has cast her film prominently, including Andrea Sawatzki, Lisa Wagner, Nilam Farooq and the Swiss Melodie Wakivuamina.

Freibad, Germany 2022, 102 min., FSK from 12, by Doris Dörrie, with Andrea Sawatzki, Nilam Farooq and Melodie Wakivuamina

Huppert and Eidinger play in “The Time We Share”

France’s acting icon Isabelle Huppert has once again created her own cinematic world. As Joan, she plays a successful publisher in The Time We Divide. The film by French director Laurent Larivière not only tells of the professional and private connections to the writer Till, played by Lars Eidinger. After an early stroke of fate, Joan has built up an illusory world in which her son Nathan seems to accompany her through her life. Only she herself can unravel it.

Die Zeit, die wir teilen
Joan (Isabelle Huppert) with her adult son Nathan (Swann Arlaud). © -/Camino picture rental/dpa

The time we share, Germany, France, Ireland 2022, 101 minutes, FSK 12, by Laurent Larivière, with Isabelle Huppert, Lars Eidinger, Freya Mavor, Swann Arlaud dpa

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