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The film releases of the week

Created: 7/25/2022 12:52 p.m

"Der perfekte Chef"
Javier Bardem as Julio Blanco in a scene from The Perfect Boss. © -/Alamode/dpa

Javier Barem shows his comedic talent as company boss. Four-legged friends take over in Warner’s new superhero film, and a French ensemble film takes us back to the 1980s.

“The Perfect Boss” shows Javier Bardem in top form

Berlin – This film was Spain’s 2022 Oscar nomination and has won many awards in its home country. No wonder: Javier Bardem shows great comedic talent in this social satire about working life. He plays the successful boss of a family business named Julio Blanco. His company is doing pretty well, being one of the three finalists for a county government award.

But shortly before the award committee is due to come to the company to make a decision (no one knows exactly when), chaos erupts in various nooks and crannies in the company. Blanco tries to keep the store together. Gradually it becomes apparent that he is anything but the perfect boss he claims to be.

Der perfekte Chef, Spanien 2021, 120 Minutes, FSK ab 12, von Fernando León De Aranoa, with Javier Bardem, Manolo Solo, Almudena Amor

Superheldenfilm „DC League of Super-Pets“

Berlin (AP) – Normally Superman saves the world, but in “DC League of Super-Pets” the group of heroes known as “Justice League” around Superman is kidnapped. In the new animation strip from Warner Bros., four-legged heroes take the helm: Above all, super dog Krypto, who usually hunts criminals in Metropolis together with Superman.

"DC League Of Super-Pets"
Superman and Krypto (center) in a scene from the film “DC League Of Super-Pets”. © -/Warner Bros. Entertainment/dpa

Together with the dog Ace, the pot-bellied pig PB, the turtle Merton and the squirrel Chip, the dog wants to free his best friend. In 105 minutes, a lot of things explode and more super animals attack the troop. Comedians lend their voices to the heroes in Jared Stern and Sam Levine’s family adventure. Also present in the German version are Enissa Amani, Tahnee and Torsten Sträter as well as actress Emilia Schüle.

DC League of Super-Pets, USA 2022, 105 minutes, FSK from 6, by Jared Stern, in German with voices by Enissa Amani, Tahnee, Torsten Sträter, Emilia Schüle

“The Magnetic”: Drama full of nostalgia

Berlin (dpa) – France in the early 1980s: There is a spirit of optimism in the country. “The Magnetic” follows several young people trying to find a way through life. In a small town, a group led by the brothers Jerôme (Joseph Olivennes) and Philippe (Thimotée Robart) runs a pirate radio station. When the charismatic Marianne (Marie Colomb) moves to her town, they both fall in love with the young woman. However, only one of the two dares to show his love. Finally, Philippe is drafted into military service in West Berlin, where he soon succeeds as a radio DJ at the military station. When he returns, he finds that everything has changed.

"Die Magnetischen"
Marie Colomb as Marianne, Joseph Olivennes (center) as Jerome and Thimotee Robart as Philippe in a scene from the film “The Magnetic”. © Celine Nieszawer/Port au Prince Pictures/dpa

The Magnetic, France/D 2021, 98 min, FSK from 16, by Vincent Maël Cardona, with Thimotée Robart, Marie Colomb, Joseph Olivennes dpa

Camilla spat out tea when she heard about Prince Harry's reconciliation proposal

Prince Harry brought in a mediator as a peace offering. But Charles and Camilla would have reacted pejoratively.

"She knows the truth": Public dispute with Pietro Lombardi and Sarah Engels continues

Dyed blonde and with a mohawk: Alessio Lombardi-Engels' new hairstyle started a public dispute between Pietro Lombardi and Sarah Engels. She was shocked, suggesting that everything happened behind her back. Now the DSDS jury adds: "She knows the truth".

From Fab Four: Harry and Williams' meeting with Kate and Meghan was 'embarrassing'

Harry, William, Kate and Meghan as "Fab Four", that was once. Even the joint appearance at the Queen's funeral was probably a show.

Sophia Thomalla is terminally ill: Zverev's friend suffers from venous malformation

The Berliner Sophia Thomalla (32) is terminally ill. The girlfriend of tennis star Alexander Zverev announced this to her fans on Thursday. The actress and presenter suffers from venous malformation.

Illegal crop circles destroy high value crops

They appear overnight and no one knows who created the supposed "works of art": crop circles are becoming an increasing problem for English farmers. The financial losses are in the tens of thousands.