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The future of art is in the air

“Your room is your canvas. Your palette, your imagination. The possibilities are endless”. It is the description that the internet giant Google makes of its innovative application Tilt Brush, destined to revolutionize the world of creativity and entertainment, since this tool allows you to have your own painting studio in the virtual world .

The experience for artists is going to be really different from now on: using a virtual reality system, they will be able to paint their works in 3D , in an immersive space.

The user of the app, who must be connected to an HTC Vive virtual reality glasses , has at his disposal a three-dimensional space – his own room will be the blank canvas – which offers him endless possibilities: he can draw in the air everything that comes to mind. In fact, the result is a kind of sculpture.

The line remains floating in 3D space and the person can interact with the virtual objects by turning around them to contemplate them from all possible angles and carry out the corrections that he needs to improve his work.

One of the two wireless controllers on the HTC Vive works as a virtual paint palette and the other as a brush (there are many different brushes); and it has the possibility of incorporating some three-dimensional animations predefined by the system.

During the creation process and also at the end of it, the system allows photos to be taken from any position, so that users can share their creations with the rest of the world.

Fashion designers tool

The applications are very diverse, and are not restricted to the world of art, as fashion designers will also be able to use it as a creative tool to draw their creations to scale .

In fact, many see in this application the possible birth of a new batch of digital artists and designers . In addition, it is a very fun activity for children.

How to get it? The Google app can be purchased for $ 29.99 (about 27 euros) through the Steam platform, but it only works with the HTC Vive virtual reality glasses, which in Spain can be obtained for 899 euros. Nor should we lose sight of the fact that this virtual reality system requires us to have a powerful PC .

Do you want to see how it works? Here’s a video:

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