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The map of stereotypes on the Internet


What do Internet users think of Spaniards ? That they are artists, that they react viscerally and that they are capable of enjoying life. And about the Italians ? That they have an impeccable style, that they adore pasta and that they gesture a lot with their hands.

Philipp Lenssen, a computer scientist based in Germany and author of a well-known blog called Google Blogoscoped , has identified the most frequent stereotypes on the Internet according to the country of origin, systematically placing phrases such as “Germans are known for” in the popular search engine. they are known by …), “English are known for” and has compiled the results. The responses have led to a curious graphic entitled “The prejudice map” (The map of prejudices, in English) , which shows an important collection of clichés and topics.

The work reflects the preconceived ideas about the inhabitants of some thirty countries on the five continents. According to the map, Brazilians are associated with informality, parties, and bikinis; Swedes have the cliché of austere and avid coffee drinkers; Kenyans relate to metaphors and the ability to run fast; and the Germans to the love of beer, punctuality, precision and a willingness to undertake.

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