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The messaging application will no longer support older versions of the Android and iOS operating systems.

Every year, the applications add important updates to meet the needs of their users. In this context, some devices become incompatible with the new versions of the applications and even some of them stop working. This is the case of WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application in the world (more than two billion people trust this app for all types of communications, whether personal or professional).

The first thing to keep in mind in order not to start 2021 without WhatsApp is the version of the operating system of the mobile phone that is used.

On which iOS and Android phones will it stop working? Is yours among them?

Starting in 2021, WhatsApp will require Android version 4.0.3 as a minimum to function. In the case of Apple, the minimum version is iOS version 9 and for KaiOS it should be 2.5.1 So, to begin with, WhatsApp support will no longer be available on the following phones:

  • Samsung Galaxy s2
  • Motorola Droid Razr
  • LG Optimus Black
  • HTC Desire
  • Iphone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • Iphone 5s
  • Iphone 5c

For the aforementioned mobiles and their corresponding operating systems, it will no longer be possible to create new accounts or re-verify existing ones, although they will continue to function if they are installed. This happens because regular updates improve features and security, adding some space and new features to the application. Older smartphones stop supporting WhatsApp due to older versions of operating systems and sometimes the storage capacity of those older devices.

For these reasons, some people lose access to WhatsApp with each passing year, as the messaging application requires certain software and device requirements with very specific specifications in order to run the latest features of the service.

Although WhatsApp is not a very heavy application for the space / memory of our mobile phone, the periodic updates to improve the functions and security do add some weight and of course the addition of new functions to the application, which causes certain phones to stop supporting WhatsApp due to outdated software and sometimes outdated hardware. And it is that everything that supposes an improvement of the user experience of the users, also implies that more and more updates of powerful applications are launched, which need more resources to function.

It is important to note that WhatsApp will continue to be available for Android devices with operating system 4.0.3 or later and iPhone with iOS 9 or later. Hence, everything that is below these mobile operating systems will not be able to run the WhatsApp application on their smartphones from the beginning of next year 2021, according to the company that owns the platform, Facebook.

What version do I have?

It is very simple. You just have to access this route:

Settings → Phone information (on Android) or General / Software update (on iOS) → check what version of operating system you have (you will see the version number to the right of the “Version” entry on the ‘About’ page) and confirm whether or not you will be affected from 2021.

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