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“The most beautiful cat in the world”: Narnia has had offspring

The animal internet star Narnia has had offspring. He passed his unique fur color on to the kittens in a very special way.

Paris – France is home to what is possibly the most beautiful cat in the world. At least that’s what the Internet thinks, and so Narnia became famous as the “cat with two faces” or as the “most beautiful cat in the world”. Narnia is actually a tomcat who has now also charmed one or the other cat with his unique appearance.

When Narnia was born in 2017, its owner Stéphanie quickly realized that the little ball of fur was something very special. The cat’s face is divided into two colored halves exactly in the middle. One side is light gray and the other is black. Narnia also has ice-blue eyes. This rare freak of nature has made Narnia an internet star. The cat now has 252 thousand subscribers on his Instagram channel (as of December 3, 2021).

Offspring with the tomcat Narnia: Fair division of coat color

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In the meantime, Narnia has also become a proud dad and has passed on his unique genes in a very special way. The male Roswell inherited the right half of his dad’s face as the coat color and has deep black fur. The color of the little one’s eyes also makes it clear who the father is.

The offspring of the “most beautiful tomcat in the world”: fans are thrilled

Papa Narnia has also prevailed with Roswell’s sister Renesmée. She also inherited the ice-blue eyes from him. However, their coat color is light gray and therefore corresponds exactly to the color of the left half of the papa’s face.

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The two little ones won the hearts of Instagram users at least as quickly as father Narnia. “Oh, she’s adorable,” commented a user on Renesmée’s photo. But Roswell also makes hearts melt. “A very sweet family,” writes a user under the father-son picture of the two.

Owner Stéphanie runs the Chatterie de la Grâce cat kennel in Paris, where she breeds the British Shorthair and British Longhair breeds. Maybe the most beautiful tomcat in the world will soon be able to charm a female cat again and pass on his unique appearance. The fans of Narnia should definitely be happy. (ij) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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