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The mythical Nokia 5310 rises from its ashes

Nokia was for a long time the leading mobile phone maker , without any other brand coughing up at it. The Finnish brand had millions and millions of fans and many still continue to be.

For this reason, HMD Global , the only company that has the license to continue manufacturing terminals with the Nordic company seal, is drawing on collective memory and has proposed to give a second life to mobile models that were very popular in its time.

The manufacturer has already been doing this with devices that mimic the classic phone designs of the 1990s and early 2000s. Thus, it has returned to selling versions of the 3310, 8110 (bananaphone) and 2720 Flip . Now another new Nokia has risen from its ashes. It is the 5310, a somewhat more modern terminal than the previous ones (it was launched in 2007).

The original Nokia 5310 had the XpressMusic brand associated with it, as it was focused on audio playback. It featured three physical playback buttons, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a slot that supported microSD cards up to 4GB.


This is the new 5310

The resurrected Nokia 5310 features a 2.4-inch QVGA screen and a physical T9 keyboard , a central navigation button, and other physical buttons for answering or ending calls or executing commands. Inside it houses the Nokia Series 30+ operating system, a modest MT6260A MediaTek processor, 8MB of RAM and a removable 1200 mAh battery.

Like the original phone, it comes with a 3.5mm jack and built-in FM radio. Also, it can function as a lifelong MP3 player. On its front it has two powerful speakers to listen to music, any station or even calls. What has been substantially improved has been the storage capacity. It has 16 MB of internal memory, but now its micro SD slot allows cards of up to 32 GB, which would be equivalent to about 8,000 audio tracks.

“With easy-to-use buttons, smooth curves and a comfortable grip, the Nokia 5310 is the new take on a classic: an iconic design with an updated look,” notes the Nokia website.

With this launch, HMD Global continues to expand its ‘Originals’ range, its line of basic or entry-level phones with a retro appearance, which would be working quite well for it. Thus, it is more than likely that this is not the last model that the Finnish manufacturer resurrects taken from the extensive Nokia catalog.

Undoubtedly, it is a device that will not only attract the attention of the nostalgic, but also of all those people who are looking to do a bit of digital detox and just want a phone with which they can make calls, receive messages and listen to music or Radio.

The new Nokia 5310 is available in black and white tones (in both cases with their traditional red bands) and its price is about 39 euros . It will be on sale this month.

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