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The novelty of Twitter that you have to try

Twitter is getting more and more creative with its news and, yesterday, it presented a new function: the possibility of combining images, GIF’s and videos in a single tweet, available for Android and iOS.

Until now, the platform only allowed users to include a single multimedia format in the same post, for example, several images. But they mentioned that “sometimes you need more than one type of media format to be able to express yourself”.

In the same publication, they shared that this is an example of the efforts they are making to turn Twitter into the most convenient and easy social network to share images, videos, and other types of creative content.

In addition, this novelty is complemented by the launch of two new video products: full-screen videos and a new video carousel in the “explore” tab, which make it easier for people to find and observe what is happening on Twitter.

However, this feature is only available for mobile devices and cannot be done on a computer yet.

This is how Internet users have received this new possibility to tweet:

How to add images, videos and GIF’s in a single tweet

The social network has made it very simple. All you have to do is create a new tweet and, at the bottom, select what you want to include.

In the image icon you can include photos and videos. For GIF’s, the symbol is next to it.

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