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The other huachicoleo: clandestine intakes of LP gas have increased by 1000%

Clandestine intakes to extract liquefied petroleum gas (LP) have increased considerably since the federal government implemented a strategy at the beginning of 2019 to curb the theft of gasoline from the pipelines of the state-owned Pemex.

In a conference this morning, the organizations of the sector denounced a 1000% increase in the number of clandestine intakes to extract the hydrocarbon. In 2018, 215 pipelines were damaged to extract fuel illegally. Already for last year this number increased to 2,400, according to data from the union.

"Unfortunately for LP gas, for Pemex, these criminal groups that stopped participating in the theft of gasoline migrated towards the theft of LP gas from Mexican oil pipelines," said Carlos Serrano, the president of the Mexican Association of Gas Distributors. Liquefied Gas and Related Companies (Amexgas).

Gas theft is concentrated in four states of the country: Puebla, State of Mexico, Tlaxcala and Veracruz. The first state concentrates 61% of the clandestine shots.


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