FunThe pills that can help you fight a hangover

The pills that can help you fight a hangover

Who has not ever had the ordeal of having a hangover ? It is something that may have happened to us in a specific way or that, being aware of how annoying it can happen to us every weekend, so that to avoid it or to treat it we will have to resort to natural remedies or why not, to the pills that They can help you fight the hangover of which we explain what they are and how they act.

The pills that can help you fight a hangover

Going out to party implies for many people to drink alcohol in excess and although this is not recommended at all, who else who has less ever woken up with a hangover.

Then it is time to take an aspirin or also an ibuprofen , which thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect , allows to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by a hangover, but not only that but also, and for some years, we can find pills on the market that have been created or designed specifically to combat hangovers.

They are pills that we can find under such different names as Stop Resaca, Resalim or Res-Activ and that are even sold in online stores like Amazon so that they are within our reach without even having to go through a pharmacy, when perhaps this It would also be the place to go to buy hangover pills.

So are these types of pills to be trusted? Well, we must always read the leaflet to know what we are really taking and as we say, go better to a pharmacy where they may recommend the aforementioned aspirin or ibuprofen options or also, that they sell us other indicated pills as is the case. of Hidroxil that does not stop being a vitamin medicine to be able to counteract the deficiency of vitamin B in our organism.

He thinks that vitamin B accelerates the process of metabolizing alcohol to make it eliminate before the body, so it is usually recommended to take this vitamin during the hangover process so that it disappears more quickly (never before going out to drink because when urinating would be eliminating all the effect of the drug).

This would perhaps be a safe option if what we want is to take a pill that helps us eliminate a hangover, while other options found on the internet work or act in a different way since their composition helps the liver break down impurities and filter toxins so that the action of free radicals on the body will not occur and alcohol will not be able to affect us. In addition, it is said that they also help to recover the vitamins and minerals that are lost when ingesting alcohol. But of course, as we have mentioned it is very important that we read the leaflet well before taking anything and especially that of being able to buy them in a place of trust much better than through a web page.

What is hangover and why does it occur?

Understanding what a hangover is will also help us to try to avoid it at all costs. The hangover occurs when our body is not able to correctly process the so-called congeners, that is, methanol, histamine, acetaldehyde and various polyphenols . When they decompose, they produce toxic substances that are released in our body.

Less distilled or dark colored alcoholic beverages have a higher proportion of these components. Then take note of brandy, port, muscat, wine, vodka, gin or whiskey . As for the hangover symptoms we can list the headache, vomiting, slight amnesia or memory loss, abdominal pain or even slight anxiety.

Although the hangover is not the same for all people. Genetics play a very important role , as does the regularity with which we consume or our gender. Men absorb alcohol better than women. Although there is a factor that does not depend on us. Studies have shown that having a family history of alcoholism makes hangovers up to 4 times more severe.

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