NewsThe police take a close look at Christin Okpara...

The police take a close look at Christin Okpara – now she is not allowed to go to the jungle camp

At Frankfurt Airport there are abnormalities in the corona proof of jungle camp candidate Christin Okpara. RTL therefore draws consequences.

Frankfurt – At the jungle camp 2022, the first participant has already been kicked out, although the TV event is not scheduled to start until Friday (01/21/2022). When Christin Okpara wanted to fly to South Africa at Frankfurt Airport *, the police noticed “irregularities” in proving their vaccination to protect against Corona *. The reality asterisk was therefore replaced by the broadcaster RTL – and expects an ad.

The broadcaster announced on Thursday (01/13/2022) that Christin Okpara will not take part in the 2022 jungle camp. At this point, RTL entertainment boss Markus Küttner spoke of “disagreements about the vaccination status” that could not be clarified before the show began. Küttner pointed out that it is not about whether the 25-year-old is vaccinated against the corona virus or not. Rather, the problem is that she made “wrong statements” to the production.

Surname Christine Okpara
stage name Christine Queenie
birthday 12/01/1996
place of birth Harsewinkel
Known from are you the one; couple challenge

Christin Okpara is not allowed in the jungle camp: false corona proof at Frankfurt Airport

It is now clear what exactly the “inconsistencies” are about: Christin Okpara is said to have presented a fake vaccination certificate at Frankfurt Airport *. As a result, proceedings were initiated against Okpara on suspicion of the “use of incorrect health certificates”, as announced by the Frankfurt Federal Police.

RTL also reacted quickly to the incident at Frankfurt Airport and promptly replaced Okpara. Instead of her, the pop singer and reality actress Jasmin Herren will move into the jungle camp 2022. The 25-year-old, who traveled to South Africa despite everything, has already reacted to this news. On her protected Instagram account she said “Cheers to her demise” in reference to gentlemen, as the portal reported. Christin Okpara, also known as Christin Queenie, has already appeared in the RTL programs “Are you the One?” and “CoupleChallenge”.

For passengers on a Condor flight from Frankfurt Airport to the Dominican Republic, the journey across the Atlantic took an ugly turn. (vbu/dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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