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The Queen is dead: Millions mourn the death of Elizabeth II.

Created: 09/10/2022 06:42 am

Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday afternoon. Charles will soon be officially proclaimed king. All events in the news ticker.

Update from Saturday, September 10th, 06:42: Charles III. caused a surprise after the death of the Queen in his speech to the nation on Friday (September 9th): heir to the throne William and his wife Kate were given new titles. They are now the Prince and Princess of Wales. Kate was previously a duchess, with the title “Princess of Wales” the 40-year-old will carry a title that Princess Diana had recently used actively during her marriage to Charles. The PA news agency quoted an inside royal source as saying Kate is aware of the history of the title but wants to look to the future and “make her own way”.

The way Charles spoke was also unusual. Queen Elizabeth II’s son got uncharacteristically personal as he ended by addressing his late mother, thanking his “dear mama” for “your love and devotion to our family and to the family of nations you serve.” have served so diligently over the years.”

Ein Kind verfolgt die Übertragung der ersten Ansprache von König Charles III. an die Nation nach dem Tod von Königin Elizabeth II.
A child watches the broadcast of King Charles III’s first address. to the nation after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. © Mike Egerton/dpa

Queen Elizabeth II is dead: King Charles III. will be proclaimed king on Saturday

+++ 8.20 p.m .: The formal proclamation of Great Britain’s new King Charles III. will take place next Saturday. For this purpose, a special body, the so-called Accession Council, meets in London’s St. James’s Palace. After the new king has sworn a sacred oath before the council, the proclamation will be read at noon from the palace balcony by the senior herald, the Garter King of Arms. Half a dozen heralds then travel by carriage to Trafalgar Square and the Stock Exchange to read the message. Later Charles III. first audiences.

+++ 1:24 p.m .: After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, all football games in England for the coming weekend have been canceled. The Premier League and English Football League announced on Friday that matches scheduled for September 9-12 have been postponed. “In honor of her extraordinary life and contribution to the nation, and as a mark of respect, this weekend’s Premier League round of play, including Monday night’s game, is postponed,” it said in a statement.

Queen Elizabeth II is dead: King Charles III. on the way to London

The Premier League and all its clubs would like to recognize Her Majesty’s long and steadfast service to the country, said Premier League boss Richard Masters. “As our longest-serving monarch, she has been an inspiration and leaves an incredible legacy after a lifetime of dedication,” he said. The league association wants to decide promptly how the other games will be dealt with during the period of mourning. At the same time, the EFL, which is responsible for the three leagues below the Premier League, has also postponed all games in the lower leagues planned for the coming weekend.

+++ 1.10 p.m .: The new British King Charles III. is en route from Balmoral Castle in Scotland to London. The 73-year-old was driving in a convoy of vehicles with his wife Camilla towards Aberdeen Airport, AFP reporters reported outside the royal residence. The two had spent the night at Balmoral Castle, where Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday aged 96.

In the evening, the king will address his subjects in a televised speech. A first audience with Prime Minister Liz Truss is planned beforehand. A government spokesman said on Friday that the entire cabinet was “united” behind the king.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II – Chancellor Scholz speaks out

+++ 12.10 p.m .: After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, politicians from all over the world pay respect to the queen. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) also made a statement. “Britain has lost its queen, the world a figure of the century,” he said. “The Queen embodied the best of our common European heritage: democracy and the rule of law.”

Scholz adds: “Germany looks with gratitude to the Queen, who, among many other things, was responsible for the fact that the former wartime enemies Great Britain and Germany were able to reconcile”. “Germany is also mourning the loss of the British Queen,” said Scholz, saying that he had already conveyed our condolences to the British Prime Minister. Charles III he wished “strength, skill and the necessary luck for his new position.”

Queen Elizabeth II is dead: Prince Harry has already left the castle

+++ 11.39 a.m .: After Queen Elizabeth II’s doctors had expressed serious concerns about their health, the entire family traveled on Thursday (September 8) to help them. Prince Harry, the Queen’s grandson, also made his way. But as several media reports, he was over an hour late. Now the British Sun also reports that Prince Harry has already left. Already in the morning he was seen at the airport. According to the newspaper, he was the first to leave the castle in Scotland. However, an insider told the newspaper that the prince “will certainly remain in the UK”.

Queen Elizabeth II is dead: King Charles sets mourning period for the royal family

+++ 11.00 a.m .: After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the new British King Charles III. the length of mourning for the royal family. As the palace announced, there will be seven more days of mourning after the funeral. Until then, the flags at the royal palaces should also be flown at half-staff, with the exception of the royal standard when the king is present. According to information not yet confirmed by the palace, the state funeral could take place on September 19.

Queen Elizabeth II is dead: how to proceed

Update from Friday, September 9th, 9.45 a.m .: In view of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a mood of mourning can be felt all over the world. Citizens laid flowers in front of the palaces in London and Windsor and in Scotland, where the Queen died on Thursday. In London, at Windsor Castle and at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, bells are scheduled to ring for Friday afternoon, and in London there will also be a gun salute as a tribute to the Queen.

Charles (73) became king on the death of his mother, but the formal proclamation as monarch will come at a special council meeting at St James’s Palace in London on Saturday (10 September). It is also planned that King Charles III. will travel from Scotland to London with his wife Camilla. Charles is to meet there for a first meeting with the new Prime Minister Liz Truss. A speech by the new monarch to the nation is planned for the evening.

Queen Elizabeth II has died: when the state funeral is expected

Years ago, meticulous plans were made for what would happen after the Queen’s death. Her state funeral is expected on Monday September 19. Before that, King Charles III. embark on a funeral journey across the UK.

The Queen is dead: Millions mourn the death of Elizabeth II.

+++ 10.40 p.m .: The deceased English Queen Elizabeth II is mourned worldwide. Thousands of people have been gathering for hours in front of the London seat of the royal family, Buckingham Palace, to express their grief. British Prime Minister Liz Truss has also officially expressed her sympathy and sadness, calling Queen Elizabeth “the rock on which modern Britain was built”.

With the Queen’s death, her 73-year-old heir to the throne, Charles, automatically became king. According to the palace, Charles III. and his wife Camilla, future Queen Consort, will spend the evening at Balmoral Castle and return to London on Friday. A date for the coronation ceremony has not yet been announced.

Queen Elizabeth II: British monarch dies at the age of 96

Update from Thursday, September 8, 7:33 p.m .: The English Queen Elizabeth II is dead. The monarch, who has been the head of state of the United Kingdom and numerous Commonwealth member states for 70 years, died on Thursday evening at the Scottish country estate of the British royal family in Balmoral west of Aberdeen. The British media reports, citing the royal family.

The 96-year-old received former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday (September 6) and accepted his resignation. She then appointed Johnson’s successor, Liz Truss, as the new British Prime Minister. The Queen has been under the constant surveillance of a medical team since Wednesday. Many of their closest family members arrived on Thursday.

Concern for Queen Elizabeth: Family members travel to Queen in Scotland

First report from Thursday, September 8, 2:48 p.m .: London – Queen Elizabeth II’s health is currently bad. Doctors are concerned, Buckingham Palace announced on Thursday (September 8th).

“Following a further assessment this morning, the Queen’s doctors are concerned about Her Majesty’s health and have recommended that she remain under medical observation,” a palace spokesman said. The 96-year-old monarch will remain at her country estate in Balmoral Castle, Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth II: Concerns about her health – family on the way to the queen

Her son and heir to the throne Prince Charles, his wife Camilla and Prince William are on their way to visit Elizabeth II, the spokesman said. Prince Harry, who was in London with his wife Duchess Meghan, also traveled to the Scottish country estate.

It was only on Wednesday that the Queen had to cancel her participation in a virtual meeting of her Privy Council. The day before, she had first received Boris Johnson, who handed in his resignation, and immediately afterwards Liz Truss, who appointed her as the new Prime Minister. It was a full day, said a spokesman to justify the cancellation on Wednesday. At the beginning of this year there were major concerns about the Queen: she had been infected with Corona. (asc/dpa)

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