NewsThe Queen smiles again: First audience after back problems

The Queen smiles again: First audience after back problems

The worries about Queen Elizabeth II were great, but the monarch once again shows her strength. She is back and has already received the first visitor.

Windsor – Back pain had kept the British Queen away from attending the Remembrance Day commemoration, the British equivalent of Memorial Day. Concerns about the Queen’s constitution increased, as public appointments had been canceled in advance. The joy was all the greater when the regent welcomed her first guest at Windsor Castle with a smile on her face. *

The Queen smiles again: First audience after back problems

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. * (95) had a back sprain kept her from the memorial service at the cenotaph. Duchess Kate (39) stood instead on the balcony * between Duchess Camilla (74) and the Countess of Wessex (56). The concern about a deterioration in the state of health and even the withdrawal of the Queen from the royal daily business * was in the room.

Queen Elizabeth II. empfängt General Sir Nick Carter, Chief of the Defence Staff in ihren Arbeitsräumen.


She is working again: Queen Elizabeth II welcomes General Sir Nick Carter to an audience at Windsor Castle with a smile.

The Queen smiles again: General farewell without a walking stick

But Queen Elizabeth II. * Shows once again what she understands by the fulfillment of royal duties. After years as chief of the defense staff, she did not want to let her general Sir Nick Carter (62) go to the end of the month without a personal audience. At Windsor Castle she welcomed the deserved commandant without a walker as the first official appointment with friendly words

Her absence last week had raised concerns about the monarch’s resilience. The 95-year-old had to spend a night in the hospital * last month and was later forced to take a break from work by the doctors, which the regent used for a spray tour behind the wheel * on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

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The Queen smiles again: Enthusiasm among the Royal fans

The royal fans were delighted to see her at an official appointment. There was great relief on social media in touching comments, which should have given the Queen a warm welcome.

“So good to see the queen again,” writes Suzanne B. on Twitter. The Queen’s appearance was also widely praised, and her sense of duty earned a lot of respect.

In the official statement from Buckingham Palace, the state of health of the Queen * was not commented further: “The Queen received General Sir Nick Carter (62) today for an audience at Windsor Castle after he resigned from his position as Chief of Defense Staff.” * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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