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The science ranking in 2007

El ranking de la ciencia en 2007In the traditional selection of the ten best scientific advances of the year made by the magazineScienceat this time, the discovery of human genetic variation ranks first in 2007. “For years we have analyzed how and how much one person is like another, and even our similarity to other apes,” explains Robert Coontz, his director of Science -. This year, advances from various fronts showed us for the first time how much the DNA of two individuals differs. It is a huge conceptual leap that will change from how doctors treat disease to how we view ourselves and how we protect our privacy. “

The second place has been for thecell reprogramming of adult stem cells, carried out by Japanese and American scientific teams.

In addition, the scientists consulted bySciencehave highlighted the discovery of the origin ofcosmics raysin galaxies with active nuclei fed by black holes, the knowledge of the structure of aadrenaline receptorthat regulates internal systems and could improve treatments for numerous diseases, advances intransition metal oxides, a theoretical model (hall effect) that allows manipulating the spin of electrons, therelationship between memory and imagination, the new onesynthesis chemistry, the finding thatlymphocytesthat fight viruses and tumors specialize to provide the body with short- or long-term protection, or the computer that demonstrated that a game ofladiesends in a draw if no mistakes are made, considered a milestone of theartificial intelligence.

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