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The stock problem is over: You can now buy an OLED Switch or an Xbox Series S without problems

When the OLED model of the Nintendo Switch was released last fall, it immediately joined the list of most coveted tech gadgets that quickly sold out of stores, along with other game consoles like the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and various gaming cards. desktop graphics.

In the second hand market they double their price

While that is still the case for most of the products just mentioned, some of them are only available for almost double the price of the original on the second-hand market, through such popular apps as Wallapop or Ebay. However, the Switch OLED is no longer so tremendously difficult to find in stock in both physical stores and online shopping portals. The same goes for Microsoft’s cheapest next-gen console, the Xbox Series S.

If you are looking for this high-end video game console from Nintendo, it is very likely that you can log on to Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Target and other web stores and find the Switch OLED that you want so much with total availability at a price that is around 400 euros . This includes both the model that has the white joysticks, as well as the classic edition with the neon blue and red joysticks. The Xbox Series S, which costs around 300 euros, is perhaps even more available if possible in online stores like Amazon, but before you start buying it you should keep in mind that the Series S of the Microsoft console has less power and RAM memory than the Xbox Series X, which is still very difficult to find in physical stores and on the Internet, despite the fact that more than a year has passed since its manufacture and launch.

Nintendo Switch OLED

In the case of the latest model of the popular and coveted Nintendo Switch OLED handheld console. The only difference with the normal model lies solely and exclusively in the screen, if you care a lot about image quality and brightness (although it should be clarified that the basic model has a high definition screen, so the difference is not is so abysmal). This latest Switch model has a 7-inch OLED screen, smaller pixels, and larger speakers than the base model.

Microsoft Xbox Serie S

The Xbox Series S is much smaller than the Xbox Series X, and it has a much more powerful microprocessor. It also has double the storage capacity of the base model, and a disk drive. However, the Series S can process the same games as the Xbox Series X and earlier models, including original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games.

Buying technology like this has been anything but easy since the pandemic slowed supply chains to a near standstill.

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