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The story behind the names of the most famous companies in the world

From hometowns, birthdays, to personal nicknames, many of the world’s most famous company names have very personal meaning to their founders. You will also be surprised how many of them made minor or even major changes on your behalf solely because the internet domain was already in use.

What is behind the name of a successful company? It’s clear that a lot of brainstorming, some successes, some mistakes, maybe a rebranding, and eventually hitting the perfect brand. You can still guess the origin of some of these backstories – many quite surprising – behind the biggest brands in the world.

A business name is one of the most important ways to create a good first impression for your prospect. It should be catchy, memorable, and not too complex, which often means companies choose to use short, memorable words.

It’s funny, but in the technological world, everyone knows by now that Google comes from a large specific number called “googol” or googol, which is the number 10 raised to the hundredth power , that is, 10 raised to 100. This term has existed since 1938. Although this was not always the name of the giant Google. Its original baptism was BackRub, the original name of the search engine.

The fortunes of many companies can be made or broken by name, so getting it right is crucial, but how do you make that kind of decision?

Where did the idea for the Panasonic, Amazon, Samsung or Dell logo come from? Or have you ever wondered why both a mobile phone company and a computer giant are named after fruits like apples or blackberries? (Apple or Blackberry in going further) Or why is a social media platform named after the sound that a bird makes or what does a character from a Moby Dick novel have to do with the largest coffee shop in the world?

You don’t need to ask yourself any more questions. We have tracked down the etymologies of many of the best known companies and we present them to you in this photo gallery.

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