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"The sweetest moment of my life": Two-year-old steals the show from his mom at her wedding

Created: 10/21/2022, 4:40 p.m

Weddings are emotional affairs for young and old. At a wedding in America, the bride’s two-year-old son cannot hold back his excitement.

Troy – Everything is perfectly organized, the guests are waiting for the wedding ceremony in the beautifully decorated location. The groom is already struggling with his emotions and wipes the first tears from his eyes with a handkerchief. At a wedding in Troy, Michigan, everything seems to be going like clockwork. But then one of those present suddenly steps out of line and doesn’t stick to the protocol: the bride’s two-year-old son. But no one takes offense at the little charmer, because it’s just way too sweet.

Wedding in the USA: Son Pierson is enthusiastic about his mother in the wedding dress

Kristie Michelich is the bride and looks stunning in her white strapless gown. Her blond hair gently curled and holding her bridal bouquet, she appears in front of her wedding party. Her future husband, the bride’s father and their two-year-old son Pierson are waiting down the hall. Actually, Kristie was supposed to be walking down the aisle to her wedding. But little boy Pierson forestalls her. Because he also thinks that his mom looks stunning. The two-year-old’s sweet reaction can be seen in a video captured by Kristie’s best friend.

Pierson bei der Hochzeit seiner Mutter
Little Pierson surprises all the wedding guests with his joy at his mother. © Screenshot/Instagram/k2_0111

First the kid in the suit calls out “Hi Mommy!” and waves eagerly. Then he can’t control himself anymore, runs all the way to his mother and throws himself into her arms. Speaking on the talk show Good Morning America , mom Kristie said, “I honestly have never had a better moment in my life. And I will never forget that feeling.”

Actually, the two-year-old son Pierson had a different task at the wedding

In the Instagram video, which she captioned “The sweetest moment of my life,” it’s clear that Pierson actually had a different mission. He was supposed to bring the rings to the wedding. That it didn’t quite work out that way is okay for Kristie Michelich. She says, “Thankfully he did a wonderful job in his little show.”

Pierson surprised the whole society – and is now a kind of internet star. The video has already been clicked more than 312,000 times. Mother Kristie is happy about that. She says, “The more it’s shared, the happier I am because we need happy things in life right now.”

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