NewsThe tank top is in fashion

The tank top is in fashion

You have probably already seen it in stores: the tank top, often in a bourgeois pattern, sometimes funny and different, hangs in the departments with the trendy fashion. How can that be?

Schildow / Munich – It happened: The tank top is back in fashion. A piece of clothing that trendsetters and fashion aficionados would certainly not have found in their wardrobes in other times. Because this sleeveless sweater was a sign of narrow-mindedness and was particularly popular with older men. Or it was part of a school uniform and golf outfit. And now?

Hip singers like Harry Styles wear tank tops in the music video and top model Bella Hadid combines them with sexy leather pants. In both cases, it is also a diamond pattern that a few years ago would have been described as boring and conservative. And for all of us, too, there are many, many tank tops now in stores – with high-priced and trend-setting brands as well as in the cheaper mass market.

How come

“Part of this is certainly due to the fact that the consumer is placing increasing value on comfortable and comfortable fashion, as he wore it in the home office,” says styling consultant Inka Müller-Winkelmann. “This tendency is now continuing outside of your own four walls and the tank top is a good choice because it makes you look dressed and casual at the same time.”

And the tank top is an element of a currently hip clothing style: the preppy chic, says fashion editor Madeline Dangmann of the magazine “Glamor”. The term Preppy Chic is derived from the American “preparatory schools”, the USA counterpart to the elite high school or boarding school.

So we’re talking about the classic school uniform look, but also the fashion for tennis, sailing, polo or cricket with boat shoes, polo shirts and cardigans, among other things. Actually, that used to be the fashion for the smart, tidy, sometimes somewhat conservative style of the sons and daughters from a good family.

What’s different now?

What is new about the current preppy style is “that the individual items of clothing like the tank top are now styled cheekily and cool, so they no longer look as conservative as the original,” says fashion expert Dangmann. But the tank top itself has also changed, it has become more diverse.

Kaum zu glauben: Der Pullunder ist in Mode


The classic preppy style tank tops can also be found in stores, for example at Levis (approx. 65 euros).

Previously it was usually available with a V-neck and in a college look, but now you can find oversized models as well as narrow-cut versions in stores. According to Dangmann, so-called “cropped” pullovers are “in great demand” – they end just above the navel. “The cutouts range from the classic V-shape to zipper variants and turtlenecks,” the fashion journalist lists.

How do I wear the tank top in the right fashion?

“A simple shirt goes well with the cropped versions,” says Frankfurt fashion consultant Andreas Rose. “That gives the look a casual attitude. However, you have to make sure that the shirt is not cut too wide, otherwise the outfit will quickly look clumsy. “

Styling consultant Inka Müller-Winkelmann recommends wearing a simple, narrow shirt under the wide-cut tank top. “You should combine this with narrow trousers. Exactly the opposite is the case with a tight-fitting tank top, to which wide-cut trousers bring exactly the amount of casualness into play that is so in demand now. “

Fashion journalist Madeline Dangmann’s tip: Don’t put anything under your tank top. “Then you simply wear a casual blazer over it.” The tank top can also be worn over a dress. “Anyone who then skilfully plays with contrasts in the materials, for example combining a lace dress with a coarse knit sweater, is right on trend,” says Müller-Winkelmann.

Kaum zu glauben: Der Pullunder ist in Mode


Cropped tops are currently popular for women, hence the so-called cropped tank tops. Here is an example from C&A (approx. 40 euros).

This is precisely where the fashion secret of the tank top trend lies: in the combination of opposites. What is downright taboo in the eyes of the fashion community: To combine the tank top conservatively, for example with a bourgeois-looking blouse and a pleated skirt. dpa

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