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"The tears run like a river": colleague of the killed doctor comments

An 18-year-old is suspected of having killed his girlfriend’s parents (16) in Mistelbach. A neighbor tells about the family. She was very respected in the place.

Mistelbach – A couple was killed in Mistelbach (Bayreuth *) on Sunday. Shortly afterwards, a suspect turned himself in (18). According to his lawyer, he admitted the act to the police. Several media had previously reported this.

Married couple killed in Mistelbach (Bayreuth) – neighbor reports “stress with the oldest daughter”

Now a neighbor has commented on the fact. “What would I have done if I had been awake? Should I have stormed your house? I don’t know ”, Ingo L. (name changed) asked himself in an interview with Focus Online . Other neighbors apparently heard the couple’s cries for help that night * and alerted the police. In an interview with the portal, L. describes a happy family “who shoots a bow and arrow together in the garden because that was their big hobby”. Everything was so peaceful and normal.

The family was very respected in the place. The father has been running a pediatrician practice for more than ten years. “You heard from almost everyone in the neighborhood: We are with our children also with Doctor S. – he is such a good doctor, such a lovely person,” said the neighbor. The man told Focus Online that there had been “stress with the oldest daughter” for a long time. It was said in the neighborhood that she was about to move out. “And many here believe that the parents only took in their boyfriend, who is now under suspicion of murder, to keep them.”

Doctor killed in Mistelbach – practice partner in shock: “The tears run like a river”

The doctor’s practice partner has meanwhile commented on Twitter: “I’m sitting in the empty, brand new, unused practice – just prepared for the first patient. And the tears run like a river … because someone can no longer be there who planned them together with me – with patience and wisdom, ”writes Gerald H.

And the tears run like a river … because someone can no longer be there who planned them together with me – with patience and wisdom.

Gerald H.

Married couple killed near Bayreuth: “What nonsense that you two are no longer there”

“What nonsense that you two are no longer there. What outrageous nonsense! I don’t know how yet, but we’re kind of rocking # med4kidz now. In your sense. For you and for your children. I see them all day. Miss you a lot, “writes the doctor in another tweet. (came with dpa) * / bayern is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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