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The United States is "sick," says Donald Trump on his visit to the southern border

Former US President Donald Trump said Wednesday that his country is “sick” on the border with Mexico, which at this time is, in his opinion, “the most dangerous in the history of the country.”

“We have a sick country in many aspects: it is sick in the elections and it is sick on the border,” complained the former president, who today traveled to the state of Texas to visit the border with the neighboring country with Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

“And if you don’t have good elections,” he added, “and if you don’t have a strong border, you don’t have a country.”

The Republican leader criticized the situation on the border with Mexico under the administration of his Democratic successor, Joe Biden, who has reversed the fabric of immigration decisions approved by Trump.

“The border has never been like this,” lamented Trump, who boasted of having left in his mandate “the best border that there has ever been” in a round table attended by former officials of his administration and local leader led by Abbott.

With these statements, the president seeks to resume the common thread of his presidency: the fight against illegal immigration.

The United States has a “destroyed southern border,” as it is “a true disaster zone,” Trump said ahead of a new presidential nomination in 2024. The Republican has not lost his rhetoric since his “retirement” from his Florida residences and from New Jersey.

The former president visited Weslaco, a small town in the southern tip of Texas, near the United States border with Mexico. Just last Friday, the Vice President of the United States,

Under scattered showers, calm reigned in this municipality on Wednesday morning, before the arrival of the former president. A pickup truck decorated with Trump flags is reminiscent of his popularity in this conservative state.

Precisely in Texas, on January 12,

“The border has never been like this,” lamented Trump, who boasted of having left in his mandate “the best border that there has ever been” in a round table attended by former officials of his administration and local leader led by Abbott.

The former president also visited a section of the wall that separates the United States from Mexico, the construction of which has already been officially canceled by the Biden government. Trump complained about the Democratic actions against this work.

“Build the wall!” Was frequently heard at his campaign rallies prior to his election in 2016.

During his four years as president, approximately 600 kilometers were completed, although most of these sections were improvements to existing fences.

The Republican leader also defended the “great job” his government did in reducing immigration “to a point where people just didn’t get in, unless they did it legally.”

And he criticized that now there is “a really dangerous open border, more dangerous than ever in the history of our country.”

Before his trip, Trump defended in a statement that during his administration (2017-2021) “the most successful border policy in the history of the United States” was practiced and called Biden’s strategy the “least successful”.

“People are entering by millions. They are destroying our country,” warned Trump, who on the other hand referred to the president of Mexico,

According to the Customs and Border Protection Office, last May 180,034 undocumented immigrants were detained at the border with Mexico compared to 178,622 in April and 173,348 in March, two months that at the time already marked all-time highs.

With information from AFP and EFE

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