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The vehicles of the future

As will bethe car of the cities of the future? That is the question that the car manufacturerPeugeothas launched industrial designers from all over the world. And here are the 29 best answers. Internet users canvoteyour favorites among the finalists of the5th edition of the Peugeot Design Contest until tonight. The winner will be announced on October 2, and will be exhibited at theMotor ShowShanghai in April 2009.

Among the most voted candidates so far isGlobe, by the Indian Varun Gopinath, whose interiorcan rotate 180ºwith the push of a button to change direction without the need for complicated maneuvers. Well positioned in the ranking is alsoEgo, by the Turkish Emre Yacizi, a two-wheeled vehicle for a single passenger that is driven with a kind ofjoystick. YRD, an articulated car designed in Colombia that compacts in moments of intense traffic and descends to ground level when it reaches high speed.

In addition to cutting-edge designs, the finalist cars incorporate alternative energy sources such aselectromagnets of the Moville model, o laPeugeot Blade wind turbine, which charges an electric battery.

peugeot1.jpgpeugeot2.jpgpeugeot3.jpgpeugeot5.jpgDesigns ofGlobe (upper left),Ego (Upper right),RD (lower left) andMoville (lower right)

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