News'The Voice' star killed with bottle during performance

'The Voice' star killed with bottle during performance

Created: 10/04/2022 1:03 p.m

Because the Turkish “The Voice” star Onur Şener did not fulfill a music request at a concert, the situation escalated: A fight broke out in the Ankara bar. It ended fatally for the 45-year-old.

Ankara – A terrible bloody crime happened in Ankara over the weekend: At a concert, Onur Şener († 45), who became better known nine years earlier with the Turkish edition of “The Voice”, was attacked after he had asked for music from the audience could not fulfill. The attack ended fatally.

Fatal attack on Onur Şener – “The Voice” star loses his life because he refused music request

On Sunday (October 2) Onur Şener was performing in the Çankaya district of the Turkish capital when the situation suddenly escalated: Some concertgoers are said to have asked the 45-year-old to sing a certain song. Because the former “The Voice” candidate did not know this, he denied the request. Other reports, however, point out that Şener refused to sing without playback.

Der türkische „The Voice“-Star Onur Şener, daneben bei einem Auftritt in einem Pub (Fotomontage)
This bloody deed shocked Turkey: Because “The Voice” star Onur Şener could not fulfill a music request at a concert, the situation escalated. The 45-year-old father of a little daughter (left) was critically injured in a fight that broke out afterwards (photo montage) © Screenshot/Instagram/Onur Şener

This is said to have led to a fight in which the father of a young daughter was fatally injured. Accordingly, the perpetrator or perpetrators attacked the musician with a bottle that injured his neck so badly that he died just a few hours later in the hospital as a result of his injury, as reported by CNN Türk . Five suspects between the ages of 35 and 36 were then arrested.

Turkey shocked by murder of “The Voice” star – five suspects arrested in Onur Şener case

As the Istanbul daily Milliyet writes, the group is said to have consisted of three men and two women. Two of them are already free again, after they were initially only banned from leaving the country. The rest, however, have not yet been persuaded to make a confession: Two of the concert-goers accuse their companion, the 35-year-old labor inspector İlker K. – but he denies any guilt.

Now it’s up to the police to investigate Onur Şener’s death. His violent death has already caused great horror in Turkey: on social media, a number of people were shocked by the act of violence, and prominent voices also criticized it. At times, the attack in Turkey was the most discussed topic on Twitter, as several media reported. The death of a young musician also recently caused a stir in this country: just a few days before the album was released, the keyboarder of the band Wanda died unexpectedly at the age of only 32. Sources used:,

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