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These are the games that Netflix has just launched for smartphones

Netflix is releasing its first smartphone games around the world as it seeks to break into the game subscription market. Starting this November, the company will release updates to its Netflix app on Android smartphones, announcing which games are available to download and play.

Arcade classics

For starters, five mobile games are included for Netflix subscribers, but the company assures that there are many more things to come. Of course, those future news include subscription to the Netflix gaming platform to prevent the user from appearing in-game ads and not being invaded by ads. Come on, what happens in the rest of the games on the App Store or iOs.

Of the five games to be released with the service, two are tied to the popular Stranger Things series, created and produced by the streaming giant. The titles Netflix will start with, which include several arcade classics, are as follows:

– Stranger Things: 1984

– Stranger Things 3: The Game

– Card Blast

– Teeter Up

– Shooting Hoops

“While this is just the beginning of a long journey, we are pleased to provide a gaming experience that differs from what is available today: exclusive, ad-free mobile games , no in-app pay, and included. with your Netflix subscription, “the company announced in a statement just a few days ago.

While the initial games have relatively simple graphics and easy gameplay , Netflix says its mobile gaming platform is still in the very early stages, but that it plans to create games “for all audiences.”

“Whether you want to disconnect for a while with a more casual game, or if you want to start from scratch an immersive experience that allows you to delve into your favorite story, we want to start building a library of games that offers something for everyone”, Mike Verdu, the company’s head of game development, said in the document.

They will be available for Apple very soon

The launch of the gaming platform that Netflix is preparing will only be available for phones and tablets with Android operating systems. However, Netflix has already ensured that the games will reach iOS devices very soon, in a time interval of a few months.

Until now, Apple has been resisting attempts by other companies to put “stores within stores”, especially when it comes to mobile and tablet games. When Microsoft launched its Game Pass online gaming service in 2020, Apple blocked the app from appearing in the iPhone app store, arguing that the 100 or so included games should appear in its store individually. Microsoft finally had to resort to using Apple’s Safari browser to have visibility on the brand’s mobiles.

For now, Netflix has not confirmed that it has also encountered similar problems, and has ensured that the arrival of its Netflix Games solely on Android is due to the fact that the launch was “still in its early stages.”

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