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These are the smart glasses that will shape the future of Apple and Facebook

Avegant smart glasses offer a very curious perspective on a fairly near future in which we could watch videos, surf the internet, or answer emails and WhatsApp with just a glance. Smart glasses may be the next big thing in technology, as companies like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple have already started looking beyond smartphones.

Smart glasses, the future that goes beyond the mobile

Large technology companies are expected to focus their innovation and business model on smart glasses in the coming years. The smartphone boom is beginning to pass, and now the most powerful companies will begin to base their success and competitiveness on who can bring the best glasses to market. That’s why the world’s big tech giants are desperately searching for a display that’s small and that can be manufactured and shipped in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost.

Avegant does not currently make smart glasses, but it has developed a pair of prototypes to demonstrate the capabilities of its new augmented reality LED light engine that the company unveiled to the public this fall. Of course, there are many other companies that are already experimenting with smart glasses technology , and research and development of devices in this field is expected to be the general trend for decades to come.

The Avegant eyewear processor is thinner than a pencil and weighs the same as a metal clip, fits snugly within the eyewear hinge and temple, and can display high-definition images to the wearer. The microprocessor could allow some companies that don’t have large hardware engineering teams the ability to build glasses that are as sleek and small as a pair of Ray-Bans, yet offer users the visual capabilities dreamed of in science movies. fiction like Terminator.

A glimpse into the future

The Avegant light engine offers a 30 degree field of view and appears as a rectangle in the middle of the line of sight. However, there are still some drawbacks to this newborn technology. Manufacturers using the Avegant microprocessor will need to determine the battery life they want their smart glasses to have. The longer the battery life, the bulkier the glasses will be. Similarly, a 30-degree field of view is on par with the first Holosens to hit the market, but is a considerably smaller window than the Hololens 2 developed by Microsoft.

Components like Avegant’s can help some tech companies develop smart glasses that people will want to buy and use. But it is still too early to venture to make predictions, and the most skeptical do not believe that smart glasses will be as common and everyday as smartphones for many years.

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