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These are the strict rules followed by members of the royal family

After the announcement by the Buckingham Palace doctors about the health of Queen Elizabeth II, 96, the death of the monarch, who had been on the throne for 70 years, was reported on Thursday afternoon.

Being part of the royal family requires following strict measures. Some of these rules, prohibitions and protocols have led to Prince Harry and his wife Meghan giving up being part of the family as reported by the Royal Palace in April 2021.

The couple resigned from their obligations motivated by the desire to be more independent and financially free and to protect themselves from media pressure, the couple had caused a real earthquake last year by announcing that they wanted to distance themselves from the family and their official duties.

What are the rules that the members of the monarchy must follow?

1.-When members of the royal family get married, they get a new name .

2.- Approval is necessary before proposing marriage. According to the Royal Marriages Act 1772, descendants of the queen must have her approval before becoming engaged (only up to the sixth line of succession to the throne) .

3. They are prohibited from taking positions on political issues . They cannot speak publicly on these issues and cannot vote.

4. And since they can’t vote, they can’t run for any public office either .

5. They are prohibited from playing Monopoly , the board game.

6.- They can’t open presents at Christmas , instead they exchange them in the Red Drawing Room.

7.- Garlic is prohibited in Buckingham Palace. According to rumours, the queen hated it, so they prepare everything without this ingredient.

8.- Nor can they eat potatoes, rice and pasta for dinner.

9.- They must know more than two languages .

10.- The queen’s closet should have colorful clothes so that she can be easily recognized in a crowd.

11. Women should sit delicately. Legs crossed at the knees or ankles.

12. If the queen switched her bag to her left arm, her staff had to end a conversation. Queen Elizabeth uses this accessory to send messages to her security.

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