EconomyFinancialThese are the winners of the Great Desert Race

These are the winners of the Great Desert Race

The Great Desert Race, a sporting and tourist event organized by Grupo Expansión and Sabino’s Events division, in conjunction with the Government of Sonora, concluded with Pablo Gil as the first place in the men’s category of the 75K distance, followed by José Miguel Romero in second place, and Ernesto Rodríguez in third.

In the women’s 75K absolute category, Molly Housman took first place, followed by the model and Brazilian Ultra Marathon runner, Sofía Berwig in second place, who along with Pablo Gil, served as the ambassadors of the Great Desert Race.

On October 22 and 23, the Great Desert Race took place in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2013, to which hundreds of participants who ran were able to witness unique landscapes, where the beach and the desert meet.

The race had different modalities for the different categories of Trail runners: 10K, 25K, 50K and a 75K Ultra Trail. The event is considered one of the most challenging in America.

“We are going for the necessary editions to accredit this event of international stature as are other marathons of this category in the world”, said the governor of the state of Sonora, Alfonso Durazo.

In the Ultra Trail Running experience, which brought together runners of more than 10 nationalities and from the Rarámuri and Tohono O’odham communities in the Trail Run modality and the amateur runner community, they demonstrated their high endurance capacity, both physical, as mental.

The participants crossed different ecosystems, between dunes, marshes and the beach to conclude the Ultra Trail 75K, which consisted of 75 kilometers covered in two days, 50 kilometers the first and 25 kilometers the second, with a night camping on the beach next to the sea. In addition to the Mega Desert Run 50K, Beach and Desert Run 25K and Fun Run 10K.

The event served as a showcase for some of the entity’s main destinations, such as the Altar Desert, El Pinacate and the Sea of Cortez, places that were presented in the mini-documentary starring the ambassadors of the Great Desert Race, Pablo Gil and Sofia Bergwig.

The award ceremony for this great challenge was attended by Miguel Torruco Marqués, Secretary of Tourism of Mexico, Alfonso Durazo, Governor of Sonora, Célida López, Secretary of Tourism of Sonora, Jorge Pivac, Mayor of Puerto Peñasco and Oscar Castro, local deputy. .

“We are going to see each other here next year with an event that is going to double what happened today,” assured Governor Alfonso Durazo.

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