Tech UPTechnologyThey create an LED mask that smiles when asked

They create an LED mask that smiles when asked

It's called JabberMask and it's a voice-activated wearable device full of LEDs that move like a mouth to the rhythm of our voice, with the ability to smile or show emojis to our liking.

Created by video game designer Tyler Glaiel, JabberMask includes a grid of RGB LEDs on the front, the canvas of which can be used to convey certain messages. You can display a heart, an emoji, or a simple word like "NO" or "OK." To smile, you just have to make a small sound with your lips.

Another of its curiosities is that it can capture the voice and move a virtual mouth almost at the same time as what we are saying. Something like a digital Muppet.

It is a creative way to overcome some of the communication barriers of a world with COVID-19, in a pandemic that does not stop. Humans are expressive creatures, and why not? A digital smile can be of great help.

The base is a cotton mask that we can wash without major problem, removing the electronic components. The device's battery sits right at the back of the head.

This innovative product is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter. If all goes according to plan, shipping should start in May 2021.

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