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They're not kidding: Starbucks requires Mexican coffee shops to stop using the word "frappuccino" on their menus

A new controversy opens in Mexico, after local coffee shops reported having been notified that Starbucks asked them to stop using the word ‘frappuccino’ on their menus.

Through social networks, coffee shops in Veracruz and Cancun detailed that they received a letter from the firm Attorneys Intellectual Property Boutique, which supposedly represents the interests of Starbucks, in which they are asked to stop using the word ‘frappuccino’, it is a registered trademark of the American franchise.

According to the document, the company registered the Frappuccino trademark in the United States in 1994.

In addition, the representatives of Stabucks pointed out in said letter that since 2002, this registered trademark has been used in Mexico in beverages such as coffee and tea, for which it stands out, a license granted by the company is required to be able to refer it for sale. .

For this reason, they asked the coffee shops to “desist and withdraw the use, sale, promotion of any commercial activity related to the Frappuccino brand or the Frappuccino, Frappucino, and/or Frappuchino variants in their commercial establishment”, menu, posters, web page , social networks and any type of advertising.

The Antoniett Cafe coffee shops, located in Boca del Río, Veracruz, and the Gobe Café and Cafecito Corazón coffee shops, in Cancun, Quintana Roo reported having received similar letters instructing them to remove the ‘frapuccinnos’ from their menus.

Through social networks, the aforementioned coffee shops informed their consumers of this situation and launched a call to give a new name to the drinks that were sold as ‘frappuccinos’.

“Apparently Starbucks is telling us to remove the FRAPPUCCINO name from our menu. So, as it is a legal procedure, we have to pay attention and remove it and we cannot use any variation or reference either 😵‍💫

That is why we INVITE all our cafecitolovers to CHANGE THE NAME. Put the name and the most creative will occupy the menu of Cafecito Corazón. And not only that, he will get a surprise from us,” Cafecito Corazón posted on Facebook.

‘Frappuccino’, the trademark registered by Starbucks

According to the registration of the website of the , Starbucks registered the brand ‘Frappuccino’ to market “coffee, tea, cocoa and espresso drinks, and coffee, tea, cocoa and/or espresso-based drinks, ready-to-drink coffee drink, [ice cream,] shakes and frozen treats,” which first saw commercial use in 1991.

In essence, this drink is made up of cream, ice, various ingredients and whipped cream, the name is an acronym for frappé —thick milkshake with ice cream— and the last part of the word cappuccino.

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