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Third spades debate: this is why vaccination centers and some doctors are not offering refresher courses

The third corona vaccination has been administered in Hesse since September 1st. However, the Fulda vaccination center does not offer the refresher. Likewise, by no means every family doctor.

Fulda – It has been almost nine months since the first people from the Fulda district * received their first spades against the corona virus * in the vaccination center. The second followed a few weeks later. Up and down the country – with a view to virus mutations and the presumably diminishing vaccination protection over time – booster vaccinations are being discussed. The federal government recommends such a third spade, but the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) has not yet.
You can find out why some general practitioners do not offer the third corona vaccination at *

There will be no such booster vaccinations against the coronavirus at the Fulda vaccination center. The district of Fulda recently announced this in a press release. "In view of the fact that there is currently no recommendation from the Stiko for a booster vaccination, the district thinks it makes sense that interested parties first get in touch with the family doctor to discuss how to proceed," it says. There was nothing to add to this, the district explained when asked whether the planned closure of the center in September also played a role. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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