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This cat is hailed as the doppelganger of a rock icon – can you see the resemblance?

The cat Mostaccioli has thousands of Instagram followers. There is one particular reason for this: she looks incredibly similar to a rock icon.

California – It is well known that dogs are said to look very similar to their owners. This is seldom said about cats – especially not when they are extremely similar to someone who has already died. But that is exactly the case with Mostaccioli. The cat is currently thrilling the social network world on Instagram.

Cat doppelganger is thrilling the Internet – recognize the resemblance to a music icon

As the Daily Mail reports, Mostaccioli in California was discovered by her owner together with her sibling kittens shortly after the birth and has since been taken in as a loving pet. The cat is now a little star with over 10,000 followers on the Instagram account, which she shares with another cat named Izanami. And most of them are there because the animal reminds them of an absolute music legend. What star do you immediately think of when you see it?

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It is not difficult to recognize the special trademark of the cat, of course, the conspicuous color of the fur on the face, which stands out clearly like a small, black mustache around the nose. And she shares this trademark with the late Queen singer Freddie Mercury! At least quite a few fans of the band seem to see it that way.

Under the pictures on the accounts there are numerous comments that are enthusiastic about the similarity to the rock legend. Of course, this was not hidden from the owner, who now also teasers her pictures appropriately. Under the current photo, she writes, for example, “Don’t stop me-owww”, of course a reference to the Queen hit “Don’t stop me now”.

Cat looks like Freddie Mercury – Queen frontman was a big cat fan himself

By the way, the connection between Mostaccioli and Mercury is not that inappropriate. After all, the Queen frontman, who died in November 1991, was considered a big cat lover himself and had a total of ten of the pets himself. With “Deliah” he even wrote a song about his favorite cat at the time.

Queen-Frontmann Freddie Mercury (2.v.l.) trug den markanten Schnäuzer als Markenzeichen.


Queen frontman Freddie Mercury (2nd from left) wore the distinctive mustache as a trademark.

The similarity in this case seems unmistakable. Another icon of the rock genre, on the other hand, has apparently gone unrecognized recently – even though she was hanging around right outside a pub. (han) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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