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This is how the return of Fortnite to iOS is being

Fortnite hasn’t been available on iOS since Apple pulled it from the App Store in August 2020, but you can play it on your iPhone once again thanks to a closed beta on Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service. While not as smooth an experience as using the native app, this GeForce Now loophole works much better than initially expected.

Fortnite vuelve a Apple

With this closed beta, you will be playing a version of the game that is optimized for mobile devices. If you’ve tried Fortnite on iOS or Android before, the layout should feel familiar: the experience is well laid out for touch, with easy-to-navigate menus and large on-screen controls (although they sometimes work a little erratically). This version of GeForce Now also supports controllers, and many users have already played multiple games with their iPhone connected to a Backbone One.

The game is just as responsive as if you were playing on your Nintendo Switch or PS5, and there haven’t been many issues with latency. This can vary depending on your internet connection, of course, but so far there haven’t been many users complaining about connection failures preventing them from playing. The biggest complaint expressed by the community through social networks and specialized forums when playing Fortnite on GeForce Now on iPhone is that the screen is too small, and that is probably due to the fact that many of the users are using an iPhone 12 Mini, so you can’t blame the company’s streaming service.

good gameplay

Until Apple allows the native Fortnite app back on the App Store , Nvidia and Epic Games have come up with a great solution. Fortnite is one of the most intense action games and has managed to hook millions of players around the world since it was released a few years ago. Although playing through mobile, and without having the official application is not the same, this optimized touch version of the game plays as if it were installed on your phone, so there are really no big differences between playing through this patch of Nvidia and Epic Games and do it from the original application (which is expected to return to the Apple Store soon).

That said, it’s unclear when this version of GeForce Now might be available more widely. You must request access to the closed beta version and admission is not guaranteed, as Nvidia has warned on its website. The beta also runs for a limited time only (the company hasn’t specified how long that time is either). But if you’ve wanted to hop onto the Fortnite island from your iPhone, you may want to sign up to get access to the closed beta. Of course, you may also have to wait a while until you can be verified.

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