FunThis is how the 'worst cold in history' is...

This is how the 'worst cold in history' is lived in the United Kingdom

The authorities warn that the United Kingdom is experiencing a wave of the ‘worst cold in history’ . It is spreading at full speed across the country and the symptoms are much more intense than a common cold. According to the ‘BBC’, Dr. Philippa Kaye, a GP in London, points out that in recent weeks the number of viral infections, coughs and colds has increased exponentially.

According to the expert, the large number of cases correspond to those of a habitual winter, due in large part to the relationship of the restrictive measures of the Covid-19. This has caused pre-pandemic levels of colds to re-register . Philippa Kaye explains that during closures and limitations on social gatherings, cases of other infections dropped dramatically.

Although the cold is common with the arrival of autumn due to changes in temperature and climate in the UK, healthcare professionals are very alarmed that the symptoms are classified as the worst in history . Many patients report feeling as “if they had been hit by a bus.”

Rebecca London, a 24-year-old worker from Bournemouth , caught the infection at a festival and, as she told ‘Radio 1 Newsbeat’, she has never felt worse: “I hardly slept, I would wake up at night with a runny nose and coughing constantly, and I felt extremely tired. ‘

At the slightest suspicion of Covid-19 , the doctor recommends a PCR test to rule out this possibility. In addition, the most prudent thing is to stay at home until the worst stage of the infection has passed, which in most cases is two or three days once the symptoms begin to appear.

When dealing with a cold, the main guidelines for recovery are to rest and drink plenty of fluids. Also, pain relievers can be taken if there is a headache or other discomfort. And for a sore throat, a glass of warm milk with honey is a very effective home remedy.

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