FunThis is Samsung's electronic skin that will turn our...

This is Samsung's electronic skin that will turn our arm into a screen

Technology advances at a dizzying rate in today’s world. Now Samsung researchers are developing a flexible screen that can act like an electronic skin on our arm . Although there is still a long time to go to market, some experts are convinced that this will be the future of wearables: we will carry electronic devices integrated into our own body.

The Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology , the company’s research and development laboratory, is responsible for the design and development of the electronic skin. It is a kind of smart watch, but much more private since we wear it glued to the forearm and only we can see it.

How is the new Samsung electronic skin?

No, it is not a simple sticker, but it goes much further. It is a screen that works perfectly regardless of how much and how we stretch it , something very important considering that it is glued to our skin. What’s more, it can be stretched 1,000 times its size without breaking.

Unlike the wearables we know today, Samsung’s new electronic skin is not made of plastic, but of a material called elastomer. Its molecular composition is modified to withstand constant movement and resist heat. To this must be added that the OLED screen remains unchanged thanks to an electrode material that does not deform. So what actually happens is that the space between the pixels is stretched.

This is precisely what has allowed the integration of semiconductors inside the device to make it “intelligent”. It incorporates a series of sensors linked to health, although for now it can only measure heart rate. However, the creators assure that more sensors can be integrated in the future.

The team is currently working to improve screen resolution and sensor accuracy . For now it is unknown when the device will be ready for mass production. We will place the Samsung electronic skin on our forearm as if it were a band-aid, and we will wear everything on it.

And to you, what do you think of the new OLED leather screen ? The idea is still in the early stages of research, but everything indicates that it will be a success

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