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This is the device that will allow you to watch TV while you take a bath

There are many questions about where it is best to install a TV . On a table? On the wall at eye level? But what about in the bathroom ? If you are so hooked on a series that you don’t want to take a break even to go to the bathroom, you may think that mounting a TV above the bathtub or toilet is a good option.

However, it is not as easy as buying a small TV and hanging it on the wall. Bathrooms, due to humidity, are the worst environment for any electronic device. But while it’s not really recommended, mounting a TV in the bathroom is technically feasible, as long as you know what you’re getting into.

what you should and should not do

A bathroom is a bad place for a TV. Two of the worst things for electronics are humidity and heat. The latter is also one of the reasons why it is not advisable to place a television above a fireplace. Even if you have a large, well-ventilated bathroom, it’s likely to be much more humid than a typical living room.

The guarantee of most televisions does not cover contact with liquids, exposure to heat, humidity or perspiration, all of which are elements that invariably occur in any bathroom. This is so. Will moisture break the TV instantly? Probably not, but in the medium and long term it is very likely that it will stop working or begin to give serious errors.

You may have heard or read many anecdotal stories about how someone installed a regular TV in their bathroom and it was the best decision they ever made. However, those people may never tell how the device suddenly stopped working because moisture had rotted it from the inside.

However, technology has advanced so much that there are already waterproof devices that make all your dreams of being able to take a bath while you watch a movie or a series possible, without having to worry about water falling on it or it being damaged due to humidity.

Things to keep in mind

Like other waterproof devices, for example Bluetooth headphones and speakers, televisions must have an IP rating. For example, “Certified waterproof IP66” means that it is protected against water jets directed at the device. However, don’t expect waterproof TVs to have the same features as a regular TV. In fact, their smart TV interfaces are likely to be worse than what you’re used to, and they may not have all the streaming services you want.

You’ll also need to check if your Wi-Fi is up to the task. The signal may be strong enough to browse the web while you’re taking a relaxing bath, but watching platforms like Netflix is another story. You probably don’t need to put in a new router, just tweak your current Wi-Fi or buy one of those signal boosting devices.

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