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This is the equivalent of the 100 largest companies in Mexico

The ranking of ‘The 500 most important companies in Mexico’ is a benchmark in the country’s business ecosystem, in it you can meet the companies that move the economy. In 2021 alone, these companies generated sales of 20.5 billion pesos. However, a large part of this income is concentrated in the first 100 places.

The 100 largest companies in Mexico generate sales of 15.3 billion pesos, which represents 75% of the total; while the other 400 companies contribute only the remaining 25%.

What are the 100 largest companies in Mexico?

The relevance of these 100 companies in the Mexican business environment is even more evident if one considers that their sales are equivalent to 61% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and are above the value of the production of countries such as Sweden (13.4 billion), Belgium (12.6 billion), Israel (10.2 billion), Argentina (9.8 billion), and Norway (9.3 billion).

So there is no doubt, this group of companies led by Petróleos Mexicanos, América Móvil, Walmart de México, Comision Federal de Electricidad, FEMSA, General Motors de México, Grupo Bimbo, Alfa, Grupo México and Cemex, has great weight in the economic and business activity in the country.

How big are the 100 most important companies in Mexico?

But as the saying goes “everything depends on the glass with which you look”, and if you compare the sales of the 100 largest companies in Mexico with the 100 largest in the United States, those in that country generate 13 times more income (213.5 billion pesos). The sales of the 100 largest Mexican companies only represent 7.3% of what their US counterpart generates, according to data from Bloomberg.

The sales of Wal-Mart, Inc. (11.6 billion pesos) and Amazon (9.6 billion pesos), the two largest companies in the US economy, add up to 21.2 billion pesos, an amount 1.4 times higher than that reached by the 100 companies largest in Mexico (15.3 billion).

If we compare the 100 largest Mexican companies with their counterpart in Brazil, an economy more similar to Mexico’s in terms of size and with which comparisons are repeatedly made, Brazilian companies also outperform Mexican ones.

Although, the difference between Mexican and Brazilian companies is smaller. The accumulated sales of the 100 largest companies in Brazil (16.8 billion pesos) are only 10% above those generated by Mexican companies, according to data from Bloomberg.

Both Mexico and Brazil agree that their largest company is an oil company, Pemex and Petrobras. In the United States, Exxon Mobil is the largest oil company by level of sales and ranks sixth among the 100 largest companies.

In the comparison made between the 100 largest companies in Mexico, the United States and Brazil, it is observed that the foreign companies that participate in each country take on different relevance.

For Mexico, foreign companies are highly relevant. Of the 100 companies that generate the most sales in the country, 39 are foreign. Coming from 14 countries, among which the following stand out: United States (15), Spain (4), Germany (3), Japan (3), Canada (2), South Korea (2), Holland (2), Luxembourg ( 2) and 6 other countries.

Unlike the United States and Brazil, where fewer foreign companies stand out among the 100 that generate the most sales. In the United States, only 6 foreign companies are among the 100 that sell the most in that country, while in its Brazilian counterpart, only 25 foreign companies appear.

Another highly relevant difference between companies in Mexico, the United States and Brazil is their technological level. Among the American companies there is a large number of large technology corporations, among which are: Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook. Some time ago these companies conquered a predominant place not only in the world of new technologies, but also in business.

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