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This is the food app that allows you to order in a group and let each one pay for their own

One of the most tense moments when ordering food at home is paying the bill . At the moment the delivery man rings the bell, there is always someone who gets away, or who asks someone else to pay him his part, promising that he will make a Bizum later, which then never arrives.

It is because of this challenge of splitting the bill that the Uber Eats app has launched a new feature in its app that promises to end that awkward moment by allowing users to choose the option of each paying for their own . With this new implementation, each of the diners will be able to pay their share without having someone assume the entire bill and have to wait for the rest to pay what they owe.

Each one pays his own

The company is launching new group ordering features, which will allow people to choose what they want to eat and pay for it on their own, so that the person placing the order does not have to pay the full amount no matter what. Uber Eats will also set deadlines for group orders and automatic reminders for people to place their orders, and most importantly, pay for them.

Updated group ordering works by having one person choose the restaurant they like best and send a link to people who are going to eat. The operation is very simple, since all the people invited to participate simply choose what they are going to order and pay for it separately, although everything is then delivered as a single order. It is a substantial change compared to other applications, where a single person is in charge of taking notes from the whole group, placing the order and paying for everything at once.

A very novel and practical function

This new feature comes at a time when the Coronavirus pandemic seems to be subsiding, and more and more people are encouraged to meet in groups and order food at home. Uber in particular is a pioneer in implementing this type of innovative ideas. It already introduced group ordering for the first time at the end of 2019, but the pandemic started a few months later and for a long time it was no more meeting in a group and ordering food, or there were restrictions that limited the capacity.

Uber has invested heavily in its Eats segment. When the pandemic hampered its VTC business, the Eats branch became a key revenue driver for the company. As things return to normal, Eats still manages to be a strong player in the food ordering market, competing with rivals as powerful as Just Eat. In its most recent earnings report, Uber said delivery revenue amounted to €2.42 billion, a figure set to rise now that restrictions have lifted.

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