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This is the most reliable VPN for watching Netflix

Are you one of the people who are concerned about the digital trail that you leave when browsing the net? Don’t you want any company to obtain visualization data when you consume audiovisual content on your favorite platforms? Don’t worry, here we introduce you to the world of VPNs so you can sit and watch Netflix without anyone spying on you.

NordVPN has a well-established reputation for many years as a fast, reliable, and privacy-protecting private network service. After experiencing a poorly reported security breach in 2019, the company has re-flagged the type of advertising that caused it problems with the ASA and has followed through on its commitment to improve its security, communication and transparency since Fall 2020.

This is in contrast to rivals such as Private Internet Access and ExpressVPN, which have since begun to take much more care about sharing data and protecting their users’ privacy. However, parent company Tefincom has conducted independent audits to support the overall safety of its product, the latest this past June 2021.

The company says that RAM disk servers, which cannot retain data, are currently deployed on 90% of its network, and the bottom of the company’s Security page includes a Warrant Canary, updated daily to indicate whether it has received or complied with any prohibition. However, to date none have been reported.

Tefincom is legally registered and based in Panama, which has no data retention laws and is outside the legal influence and control of the members and allies of the Five Eyes intelligence sharing alliance. While that will not matter to most users, those with a geopolitical security problem , like the founder of Wikileaks, for example, this will seem quite reassuring.

NordVPN is one of the best options for international TV and movie fans. We can always watch content from Netflix , as well as iPlayer, Disney + and a host of streaming services and platforms. Even if you have no interest in watching TV abroad, compatibility with streaming services means that you will never have to disable your VPN security just to be able to watch something, making NordVPN the most reliable option for installation. on a router.

NordVPN’s browser plug-ins are particularly useful for anyone who likes to stream content from a wide range of locations, and because sessions can be left active to automatically reconnect each time you open your browser, And you can set a specific browser profile to watch streaming media in a particular country. Add-ons are available for Firefox and Google Chrome, as well as compatible Chromium-based browsers, including Opera and Edge.

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