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This is the new Dropbox feature that will make your life easier.

Dropbox is adding a feature that will allow you to automate the folders you choose so that the new files you put in them are automatically renamed, grouped into subfolders, and much more. The feature is called, perhaps unsurprisingly, Automated Folders, and Dropbox says it can help you (and any coworkers you share files with on a regular basis) to keep your things in order, organizing them with names and labels. personalized.

The automation that this new Dropbox feature adds to folders can be configured according to various criteria, so you can tell the system to rename the files you add to the folder following a certain pattern, or to classify them into subfolders based on the date the file was uploaded to Dropbox. These criteria are currently predefined, so sometimes trying to find a file that you uploaded to Dropbox is a real hassle. That is why the company has made an effort to introduce changes that go along the lines of file and folder customization and, ultimately, to make your life a little easier .

High level of customization

Dropbox has also added a new tagging system , which allows you to add and associate certain words to files and folders (either manually or automatically), so you can search for them later. In addition to the automatic actions, Dropbox has also added what it calls naming conventions and multi-file organizing actions. Naming conventions allow you to batch organize renamed files in a folder in a pattern of your choosing. For example, you can rename your photos so that the date you took the photo appears as the file name.

The multiple file organization feature will allow you to have Dropbox classify files into subfolders based on how often changes are made to them, the date they were created, and other criteria that you can now choose and customize. Dropbox will also allow you to preview changes before they are made and save them, so that will be the end of saving files and then not knowing where they are when you need them.

According to Dropbox, a dashboard will also be available to help you manage automated folders, which could be useful if you work with hundreds of files every day. File automation, along with naming conventions and organizing multiple files, will come to Dropbox for Teams users first, and will be available to people with individual or family plans very soon, the company announced.

A higher level of customization is something that premium Dropbox users have been demanding for years, so it’s pretty good that the company has finally included it. Like Apple’s shortcuts, Dropbox’s new features may still not be as effective as other options, but it does offer a new perspective when it comes to thinking about automation.

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