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This is the security problem that affects millions of routers

Approximately six million routers from the well-known company Sky come standard with a significant and dangerous software bug that could have allowed hackers and hackers to infiltrate the domestic internet networks of millions of homes in a massive way, such as has revealed the brand in a statement.

In that same document, the company has apologized and assured that the problem has already been completely solved , but some IT and cybersecurity experts say that Sky has taken more than a year and a half to fix it, so the volume of those affected may be towering.

Violation of personal data through the router

The vulnerability of home internet networks could have affected anyone who didn’t bother to change the device’s default administrator password. Changing the password is not common, since most people do not have the necessary computer skills to change the web password, although experts always recommend it.

To defend against the rumors, Sky has insisted that an update on this scale has taken him some time, but he has not specified how long it has been since he identified the problem until he has fixed it, so it is feared that the period in the routers have been exposed for more than a year and a half.

“We take the safety of our customers very seriously,” Sky said in the statement. “After being alerted to the risk, we began to work to find a solution to the problem and we can confirm that that solution has been found and carried out, and we have applied it to all products manufactured by Sky that have been affected”, the company has sentenced.

Possible password theft

The affected router models have been the following: Sky Hub 3 (ER110), Sky Hub 3.5 (ER115), Amplifier 3 (EE120), Sky Hub (SR101), Sky Hub 4 (SR203) and Booster 4 (SE210). However, these last two devices came with a randomly generated administrator password , which would have made it difficult for a hacker to enter and access the personal data of users who have this device installed at home.

Furthermore, around 1% of the routers distributed by Sky are not manufactured by the company itself. The relatively few customers who own one of those routers can now request to have it replaced for free.

The breach in the software code , found by Sky researchers, and which set off all alarms, would have allowed a hacker to reconfigure a home router simply by directing the user to a malicious website via phishing email. .

Afterwards, the hackers have full access to the infected computer , so they can access all the contents of the PC, including information about bank accounts, credit cards or passwords. There was no evidence that this breach would have allowed hackers in, but Sky’s delay in fixing the problem has been enormous.

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