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This is the Tesla of motorcycles that plans to change the mobility of hundreds of millions of people

India is one of the countries in the world (along with China) where there are more motorcycles per inhabitant and square kilometer. At the same time, India is one of the three most polluted countries on the planet, something directly related to the culture of mobility in the country, where tons of greenhouse gases are generated each year.

However, this could be about to change, since electric motorcycles could gradually take over the urban space of India, reducing emissions and improving mobility on its streets.

A new way to move by scooter

With a parent company backed by Japanese investment firm Softbank, this startup is highly ambitious. Once running at full capacity, the company expects this Ola Electric company factory to produce more electric scooters than any other plant in the world. Much of the work on the assembly line is done by robots, which rapidly transport the scooter parts and weld them together, with much more precision than any human.

However, perhaps the most surprising thing about this factory is not its gigantic size, over 500 hectares, but rather that the majority of the workforce it employs are women. These make up the bulk of the workforce, which currently numbers between 1,700 and 1,800 employees.

However, the product launch has not gone well. Ola Electric launched its first models, powered by rechargeable batteries, in August 2021, handling more than 100,000 orders in the first 24 hours. But since the first deliveries were made in December of that year, some customers have complained on social networks about technical problems, which the company has rushed to solve to avoid an online reputation crisis that affects their business prospects and increase.

a green revolution

The arrival of affordable electric scooters in India last year was an unprecedented event. Like many countries, India is trying to find a way to get its 1.4 billion people to switch from using gasoline and diesel vehicles to electric vehicles.

As well as far exceeding net-zero carbon dioxide emissions targets, India is also battling rising inflation, which is causing the cost of living to rise and many people to be unable to afford a cheap new motorbike. to be.

The Indian electric scooter company is already beginning to be known as “the Tesla of motorcycles “. Consequently, in March, and as part of the country’s transition strategy to reduce oil import costs, the government announced that the company would obtain state support to manufacture batteries for electric vehicles that can store a total of 20 gigawatts. power hour.

Extreme weather conditions, including heat waves and floods, plus poor roads in some parts of India make it a really challenging market for electric car manufacturers.


Ola Electric Mobility.

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