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This is the TV series that is based on the video game Halo

Just a few weeks ago, the streaming platform Paramount Plus presented two new trailers for the long-awaited television series based on the popular Halo video game saga, and revealed that its release date will be March 24, 2022. Come on, it’s just around the corner and no one expected it.

The first leaked video of the new series was a roughly minute-long trailer showing a few clips from the series , originally scheduled to air during a US college basketball game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals.

The performance consisted in the fact that, in the middle of the match, the images of the match flash between several clips of the series of action, while both teams were on the field. When the video was ending, and around the 52nd second, the announcer of the game announced the release date of the new Paramount Plus fiction series.

an unexpected release

And while the longer trailer was supposed to air at least two weeks later (during another college basketball game, a highly-watched sport in North America), it seems Paramount released it well in advance. This is a much juicier trailer than the short clips released late last year, and it gives us a much more detailed look at the possible story that the series may contain , which doesn’t seem to follow any specific story arc of the games themselves.

The series based on the video game Halo stars Pablo Shreiber (an actor known for having participated in the cast, among other fictions, of American Gods) as Master Chief, with Jen Taylor assuming the familiar role of Cortana, a character who has been appearing since the release of the first game in the Halo series , way back in 2001. Natasha McElhone, who was originally cast as Cortana, will finally step into the shoes of the brilliant Dr. Catherine Halsey.

Rumors about a possible television series based on the popular Halo video game saga began to spread in 2018, and it was believed that it would be the pay network Showtime (which has broadcast series as famous as Dexter) that would make the adaptation to the small screen, but then the news became an exclusive to the Paramount Plus platform. And although the series was originally scheduled to premiere throughout 2021, the delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic have been postponing the release date of this long-awaited fiction until this month of March.

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