NewsThis is what will happen on October 1

This is what will happen on October 1

We are in the last week of September, and the tenth month is about to enter. The beginning of this new cycle is attracting the attention of social network users who, under various themes, are questioning what will happen on October 1 ?

It has to do with the covid-19 pandemic, in which one of the most used sanitary measures consisted of the use of face masks , which was part of the clothing in most countries in order to avoid more infections of this respiratory disease.

What will happen on October 1?

The authorities of some countries decided that the use of face masks was no longer mandatory in public spaces, which has already generated controversy on social networks because some consider that its use should be preserved despite the fact that the numbers of infections and deaths are declining, while some others assure that with the advancement of vaccination, masks can be dispensed with.


In this country, , who explained that as of Saturday, October 1, the use of face masks will no longer be mandatory and will become a recommendation for people with respiratory symptoms, in places of high agglomeration, in visits to long-stay centers and in the means of public or private collective transport.

In addition to that it will continue to be mandatory in health establishments.


The Government of Canada announced this Monday that it will no longer require the population to wear masks on planes to protect themselves against covid-19. They also confirmed that at the end of this month the vaccination requirement will be lifted so that people can enter the country.

The Transport Canada agency noted that existing rules for the use of masks will be withdrawn on October 1.


The Minister of Health, Jorge López Peña, announced that the use of a mask will be optional in open and closed spaces with ventilation as of October 1.

“Changes have been made in the regulation of the use of the mask, where it will be mandatory in health establishments, land transport and in people who present symptoms of respiratory diseases”, as detailed by the head of the, Jorge López.


The Minister of Health and Welfare, Dr. Michael Darville, was also in charge of announcing that the mandate for the use of face masks in the country will be relaxed as of October 1.

Although the use of masks will still be required in the following settings: “All people who access a health care facility for any reason (workers, patients, visitors, providers, etc.).

In any indoor classroom in an educational institution, except where Rule 27 (20 of the Health Services (covid-19) Prevention and Management of Community Spread Rules) (2021), or by any non-resident worker of a long-term care residential facility.


The spokeswoman for the regional government of the Belgian capital, Brussels , reported that as of October 1, the measure of the mandatory use of the use of the sanitary mask in public places will be lifted, and will be limited “only to high-density areas”, although its use will be “strongly recommended”, explained Nancy Ngoma .

“At the local level, the mayors will be free to take the measures that apply to their territory,” the official stressed.

Before the announcement of these measures, on Tik Tok it is common to find recordings in which users express their concern and why they do not want that date to arrive.

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This is what will happen on October 1

In social networks, viral videos and memes discuss what will happen on October 1, when the mandatory use of face masks is suspended in some countries and cities.

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