NewsThis is why the back of the receipt is...

This is why the back of the receipt is so important

Few customers look at the back of receipts. Hardly anyone knows that important information can be found there.

Bad Wimpfen – Many people no longer take the receipt with them, with others it ends up in the trash at home at the latest. What many do not know: If you pay for your purchases at Lidl, Kaufland and Co. with a card and then sign, you should urgently take a look at the back of the receipt.

BW24 * reveals what can be found on the back of the receipt – and what a signature means for the customer.

Lidl and the drugstore chain dm are planning to get rid of paper receipts in the future in order to save time and material. Instead, digital receipts are to be introduced that can be scanned with a mobile phone. * BW24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Winter weather in Germany: Sunday brings "a white surprise" in the north

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Five dead discovered in house in Brandenburg – police investigate after terrible find

Terrible find near Berlin: the police discovered several dead people in a house in Königs Wusterhausen, Brandenburg.

Five dead found in residential building in Königs Wusterhausen

After a call, the police found five dead in a residential building in Brandenburg. The investigators assume a crime. A homicide squad is on site.

Mirco Nontschew is dead – Saturday night star dies at the age of 52

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