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This photo hurts to look at! Oktoberfest 2022 is open – this is how the tapping went

Created: 09/17/2022, 11:30 p.m

The Oktoberfest 2022 has opened: there was already a large rush in the tents around the time of the tapping – this is how the Oktoberfest kick-off in Munich went.

Munich – Finally Oktoberfest again! The fans of the Munich Wiesn cheer because after the major event had been canceled for two years due to the corona pandemic, it was “O’zapft is'” again in 2022: Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) tapped the first barrel in the Schottenhamel marquee. Gun shots announced the start of the 187th Oktoberfest, riders and Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) toasted a peaceful Wiesn. At 12 o’clock the alcohol was allowed to flow.

For the photographers on site, the many hands stretched out to grab the first full beer mug are always a popular motif. A special snapshot was taken for the picture agency AFP, obviously in the Hofbräuzelt: Several visitors want to secure the first beer, as well as several security bells. But the drink doesn’t end up in a throat. But with full momentum in the neck of a visitor. That hurts to look at!

Oktoberfest Foto Bier
This photo should hurt beer fans when looking at it – and everyone who has ever had cold liquid on the neck, too. © Christof Stache / AFP

You can read more about the first day of Oktoberfest at from the live ticker to information about the first celebrities and the timetable for the weekend.

Oktoberfest 2022: Large crowds in the tents

Drizzle, cold and also waiting: It was difficult to get into many a beer tent shortly after tapping. For example, long queues formed in front of the Bräurosl tent and the Schottenhamel. So if you didn’t reserve, you had to wait. No fun at around nine degrees.

Despite the rush in the tents, there were no “beer corpses” at least until the tapping – that’s the name of the people who have drunk themselves unconscious. A spokesman for the Aich ambulance on the Festwiese said that until about 1 p.m. only a wound on a finger, a laceration and a head injury had to be treated. The CT device, which is being used for the first time this year at the fairground, was used for this purpose.

Already at dawn, thousands of visitors had waited in the cold and in the drizzle in front of the fairground and “pre-heated”. When the site opened, the crowds rushed towards the beer tents. “It’s the same feeling as before,” said Helga Geier, who sells roasted almonds. For Maxi (27), Mirko (31) and Sebastian (28) it was enough to be in the Paulaner tent two hours before the tapping. They sat at the front of the band. It’s “cool” that the Wiesn is taking place again after a two-year break.

Oberbürgermeister Dieter Reiter beim Anstich
Mayor Dieter Reiter at the tapping. © Sven Hoppe

Oktoberfest 2022: The danger of corona has not been banned

Even if you can celebrate without conditions – the risk of corona has not been banned. The authorities warned visitors to take a test if they had cold symptoms and not to come to the festival sick to protect others. Doctors expect a corona wave after the Wiesn – like after other folk festivals.

“The number of infections will probably increase, that is the experience of the previous festivals,” said Söder to the “Münchner Merkur” (Saturday). “At the same time, fortunately, we are not measuring any excessive burden on hospitals. This suggests that we are in a new phase with Corona.”

Federal Health Minister Karl-Lauterbach called for caution at the start of the Oktoberfest. “I don’t want to be a spoilsport, but anyone who visits the Wiesn should still be careful. A visit is definitely not recommended for those who are already ill. And everyone else should be tested before visiting a tent out of consideration for others,” the SPD politician told the German Press Agency on Saturday. The fact that the giant folk festival is taking place again is justifiable. “The willingness to vaccinate, the understanding of the measures, the caution of the population make it possible.”

Oktoberfest 2022: Mass costs between 12.60 euros and 13.80 euros

Before the pandemic, six million visitors regularly came to what is probably the largest folk festival in the world. Whether the rush will be as great this year as it used to be remains to be seen. Some expect more guests – others rather less. Concerns about Corona, but also money worries could be the reason. The price of the Mass beer alone has risen by almost 16 percent since 2019. The mass now costs between 12.60 euros and 13.80 euros.

Blick ins Hackerzelt am Samstag
A look into the hacker tent on Saturday. © Sven Hoppe/dpa

Around 600 police officers ensure security during the two weeks of the festival until October 3rd. They are assisted by uniformed police officers from France and Italy, and pickpocket detectives from several countries. The festival guests are randomly checked at the entrances. As in previous years, there is a ban on larger bags and backpacks. Everything about the Oktoberfest on the overview page. (lin/dpa)

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