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This update will allow you to do Face ID with the mask on

Apple appears to be testing a feature that will allow all of its users to use Face ID to unlock the phone even when wearing a mask . The first developer beta of iOS 15.4 has a screen asking the user if they want to be able to use Face ID while wearing a mask, at the cost of reduced security. Unfortunately, the feature will only be available if you have a newer model device (it is speculated that users with a model prior to iPhone 11 will not be able to use this new functionality).

Much safer face unlock without the mask on

According to what has been known so far, Apple claims that the iPhone can recognize the unique facial features of each person around the eye area to confirm the identity of the owner, but warns that Face ID will be much more accurate if it is configured so that it does not works with a mask on.

However, not all iPhone owners will be able to take advantage of this particular feature, as the company has made it very clear that this functionality will not work on iPhone models prior to 11, so only those who own a 12 or 13 model will be able to. unlock your phone using FaceID with your mask on.

A resounding request since the start of the pandemic

As the pandemic has raged across the globe, people (and many businesses around the world) have been clamoring for Apple to add a way to allow people to unlock their iPhones while wearing a mask. as it was not safe to take it off for example in a public place just to unlock the phone.

Since then, Apple has introduced several updates to try to meet this demand. Thus, the iOS 13.5 operating system detected that the user was wearing a mask and quickly asked him to enter his access code instead of trying to authenticate his face. iOS version 14.5 allowed people with Apple Watch to use Face ID while wearing a mask (it seems that anyone wearing a mask can unlock Apple’s smartwatch, as long as the owner is close enough to the phone).

However, for people who don’t have an Apple Watch, or own an older model of iPhone, it seems that this functionality is still far out of reach, assuming it is proven to be secure enough and does not compromise users’ privacy. .

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