FunThis will be Nüwa, the future city to be...

This will be Nüwa, the future city to be built on Mars

We recently presented you with Nüwa, the city project that was being prepared for its future construction on Mars, but a recent interview with one of its leaders has revealed new details of what it will be like and above all, when it would be possible to start populating it. Let’s discover together what Nüwa, the first city on Mars will be like New details are revealed about Nüwa, the future city to be built on Mars Experts from ABIBOO Studio and SONet are responsible for the project of the first city on Mars, called Nüwa, which will host up to 250,000 inhabitants and it seems that it could do so in just 80 years. In new data that has been released, the plan is to begin with the construction of the city in the year 2054 to house a first generation of settlers in the year 2100. Internationally renowned architect Alfredo Muñoz and one of those responsible for the In front of the Nüwa project, he was recently interviewed by the portal, to which he revealed other new details that make us better understand what this city is going to be like, the first of five others that are planned to be built on the same planet. First of all, why was the name Nüwa chosen? What does it mean? The name comes from Chinese mythology. According to the latter, a goddess, named Nüwa, created the universe and protected humans from all the bad things that have happened. Most of the equipment comes from the US and Europe, and the name was chosen precisely so that it could bring some Asian culture and background to the project. What are the challenges that may arise during the construction of the city?In addition to the classic problem of breathing air, the issue of “steel” will undoubtedly be of great importance, which will be relatively easy to obtain from water and CO2, which can generate carbon. Another important confirmation will be that from the geological point of view, since all the conditions must be suitable to start the works. What is the cost of a project like Nüwa? The cost of the project can be compared to the cost of the Panama Canal in the past: according to Muñoz, it is a large infrastructure that will take decades to build and will require a lot of effort. However, the impact it can have on wealth and commerce can be staggering. The architect thus considers that it still takes many years to make a complete cost / benefit analysis, in short, it will surely take some time to see the start of the first works, but it seems that the ideas and the will are not lacking.

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